Francesco Monte and strongly criticized: he speaks Gabriele Parpiglia

Published on Oct 13, 2018

The journalist Gabriele Parpiglia revolt against Francesco Monte. Here's what he said on the social. Gabriel Parpiglia against Francesco Monte

Gabriel Parpiglia is a professional with years of gossip and has a particular attention to the programs of the Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi. Recently, moreover, he is often seen in the company of talked to Fabrizio Corona.

Well, always very close to the family Rodríguez, the journalist has been entrusted to the social his opinion on the former tronista Francesco Monte and his adventure on television. Responding to the question: “what do you think of Francesco and Giulia?” that has been placed through the function of Instagram, Parpiglia responded:

Reminds me of the finish of the box. Cecilia on the island, Paola to the island, Giulia al GF Vip. It will be a coincidence. Ah, love in the time of reality tv.

Gabriel Parpiglia, therefore, think that the former Cecilia Rodríguez you find a love in every occasion on television to make you listen? To search for followers, as it goes out of fashion lately?

Francesco Monte in his new television experience seems to be very close to Giulia Salemi, with which he spends most of his time. But if she seems very interested in him, the apulian seems to be some perplexity.

This is demonstrated by the chat with his roommates in which he stated several times he does not feel ready, and the quarrel that they had the two guys in the last few days. Francesco Monte, in fact, can not stand the superficial attitude of Giulia Salemi that the door to reveal too easily confidences that are made or to make speeches which do not meet the complicity of the beautiful Mountain.

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