Francesco Facchinetti tells what shall we say to the grandchildren in 2030: we need fairy tales


Published on Apr 02, 2020


The post published by Francesco Facchinetti on social is one of hope, is a story that runs on the web, it is the story of a grandfather to the grandson, speaks of the future, 2030. A grandson asks the grandfather to tell him of when Italy became a beautiful nation, we will have to wait ten years to know the true ending of this story but in the meantime, the adults today have need of fairy tales. If you will not be really as well as product support and lots of hope maybe it will be something very similar. Of course we will do it, certainly will end this period of dramatic, certainly one day we will be able to tell that everything went well. Francis through his father is living near the fear and the pain; Roby Facchinetti lives in Bergamo, we've all seen this in connection with some tv programmes and Francis lived the whole distance with his wife and children but he never let his affection. On social his part, brings hope with this story, continuing to remind everyone to stay home.

“The year 2030 – Grandfather, tell me when Italy became a nation so beautiful! And the grandfather began: it was the year 2020, ten years ago. Suddenly an epidemic hit all over the world, coming from China, but it was never the truth! The Italia was hit first of all in Europe, so many dead, all closed in the house. Fear, distrust, the hospitals were full of people. Lasted many weeks, it was tough! The government, after a first moment of uncertainty, reacted well, with strength and courage. All the Italians gave proof of a great example and spirit of sacrifice. The people rediscovered the value of helping each other” is true, then the present we are all experiencing and the emotions are the same for all.

“Unfortunately, the closure of the factories and shops was the real problem that we had to deal with. A frightening crisis, to which we were not prepared for. We asked for help from Europe, at that time we had a Community, so it was called: the European Community. He had to serve to make a great Nation, like the United States. But other Nations, such as Germany and the Netherlands said that we had to do it alone. Or give him our companies, the airports, the highways, the gold of the Bank of Italy, of our savings. But how, after what had combined, own them!”.

And what happened after?

The story is filled with hope, that Italy became united as it had never been. “What happened was we realized that we had to do it alone: the President of the Republic called all the companies, and the Bank of Italy issued a loan only for the Italians of 100 billion. It was called the SAVE ITALY and had to serve to revive the fortunes of the Country. Happened the incredible. The politicians gave up their salaries for 6 months; all officers of the company made the same thing and also all those that could, invested half of their savings. The healthy companies they bought so many stocks that the Italian State collected 300 billion in a few weeks. At that point, they called a great banker, a certain Dragons!”.

The tale continues: “With that money, not only overcame the crisis of the moment, but bought it back a part of the foreign debt that we had. Decreased taxes to allow it to produce at lower costs. After 4 months as soon as, we were the Nation more in the form of the moment, while the others were watching, hoping that it's not going to do. Some companies that had moved their production abroad, such as Fiat, returned to Italy. The largest sales allow to buy back again the debt that we had done in the past years. We were so proud to be Italian, were years of great emotional intensity and riscoprimmo to be a great people, lucky, because we lived in the most beautiful country in the world!”. The grandson thanks you, the grandfather, the story is over, but for some, it might be the reality.

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