Francesco Facchinetti, manager of Daniel closes the profile Instagram: “wrongdoer pays”


Published on Apr 24, 2020


Will have done well, Francesco Facchinetti, to block the social profile of singer Daniel, a former pupil of Friends 18, after what had happened in his direct instagram? If you are asking in so many while there is a dual interpretation of the gesture. Facchinetti says that it has closed the profile instagram because Daniel needs a lesson while there is who makes the point that the choice was made only to avoid the thousands of followers you disperdessero...

Francesco Facchinetti is the manager of Daniel, a former pupil of Friends and singer who had yesterday more than 350 thousand followers on Instagram. In the last hours, after what has combined in a direct, I was losing thousands, in addition to end up in a storm in the media that probably was not expecting.

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And here are the words of Francesco Facchinetti

At my house for those who make a mistake pay for it. Daniel has it wrong, it's not a bad guy but he was wrong. Until will not be able to understand the importance of having a profile of Instagram with hundreds of thousands of followers, your profile will be closed.

But not everyone thinks that this choice can serve to the young man. On twitter the comments reads: “ I am of the idea that this guy won't learn, but soon return on social is the same as always. The lesson of life that would well-deserved it would have been the loss of followers, the boys of the genre should give the example, especially because it followed by the very young “. It must be said that in a matter of a few hours, had been many people to stop following him. And there are those who even think that the choice to close the profile needed to avoid a collapse. And in fact, Valentina noted: “The profile had to be left open, and had to sit through the loss of followers, so maybe he needed a lesson. “

The comments in any case, there are. “Unfortunately does not should learn a lesson following a free-kick. A child does not become more “sensitive” if the seizures his favorite game. I hope, however, changing to the better. In the live I saw the same ways of the bullies that they did not give me respite to the school. Sad. ” has written with Fran Altomare, he is very followed on social.

Meanwhile, on social continues to depopulate the hashtag #DanielCosmicIsOverParty

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