Francesco Facchinetti in mourning a dear friend of mine died of the Coronavirus


Published on Mar 26, 2020


The tragic consequences of Coronavirus can also be seen among the stars who communicate their experiences on their social channels. To make a sad announcement is also the former DJ Francis, who mourns another loss. Francis explains his suffering on Facebook and Instagram: “another of my friend has just died”.

It is from the beginning of the outbreak of the pandemic that Francis, the son of Roby Facchinetti, the mail is on social his thoughts about the emergency. If at the beginning its content was rather ironic and funny, now there are more and more sad. Especially considering that the province most affected in the last few days is that of Bergamo, the hometown of the father. In fact, in the last period that the family Facchinetti announced painful passings of dear friends and relatives.

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Truly touching is the video of IGTV that the former DJ, he's travelled in honour of his city of Bergamo. Explain that it is difficult to take in hand the phone in the morning, for fear that behind any message is hidden tragic news. But the words to Bergamo are also of the solidarity and strength: “Bergamo will make it”. Facchinetti describes the bergamaschi as “a unique nation, that looks you in the eyes, so used to working all day that you can read the story of a man by his hands”.

The fans on social show their empathy and solidarity to Faccinetti through the messages of condolences. In the comments, even the messages of other famous characters from bergamo, such as Paola Turani, who writes: “Force Bergamo We are strong, not give up!!”. And many also of the stories of other people mourning for their loved ones because of the Covid-19.

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Through social, Francesco Facchinetti speaks hard to those who do not respect the decrees imposed by the government to slow down and possibly stop the infection. In a recent post on Instagram, he wrote: “who is found on the street without the right motivation we do not give fines or convictions, but put them to do socially useful jobs. Send him to the volunteers in the hospitals, and send him into the trenches so they understand that it is not a joke and educate”. The message Facchinetti is much more than a simple #restoacasa.



For my Bergamo! Today, more than ever, in these days of suffering, I say to you: I LOVE YOU

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