Francesca Fialdini and Cristina Chiabotto: great satisfaction for them


Published on Jul 26, 2019


The presenter and the showgirl awarded to the Magna Grecia Awards

The Gala, dedicated to the Magna Grecia Awards, marked by the conduction of the apulian doc, Fabio Salvatore, it is concluded with the delivery of the prestigious awards to the six actors up on stage. Six Italian excellence that have distinguished themselves during the year for their activities in the field of communication, social, civil and cultural, and always believe in the value of the ‘beauty of life’ that is the pillar of the Prize.

Born in 1996 from an idea of Fabio and his father Franco, – who died as a result of a murder the road in 2008 – the Magna Grecia Awards enhances the work of men and women, the sons of new forms of cultural and communicative skills, through a range of awards designed and donated to those who contribute to improve the paths of knowledge, of know-how and solidarity.

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Each of them is a testimonial spontaneous positivity, this is the criterion that inspired the choices of Fabio taking on the characters of renowned national and international to carry on a cultural revolution and a moral. “We need positive stories, to take example by those who have decided to donate part of themselves to make more beautiful the life. The Magna Grecia Awards teaches us to stop, to listen to the experiences that stimulate the courage and determination in the daily practice of his duty, declined in the exercise of any single profession,” says the patron of the festival.

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A Gala full of surprises: it has been revealed the name of the Honorary President of the Magna Greece Awards: is Fiammetta Borsellino, the daughter of the magistrate Paolo Borsellino, killed by cosa Nostra 27 years ago, became a strong voice in demanding justice after years of false leads on the slaughter of the summer of 1992. To Fiammetta has already been conferred the “Excellence award Franco Salvatore” last may, with the motivation “For the moral and civil commitment, lived as a daughter, victim of a massacre that has shocked the history of our Republic...has never lost the determination and strength in the search for the truth, disregarded, shaking the consciences, and sowing hope, especially the young.” “The desire to share with young people, he explained, Fiammetta Purse – from my personal experience. I do this with humility and I feel like it's a civic duty, first as daughter and then as a town.” To her the task of helping to carry out the mission of the next Magna Grecia Awards on the 23rd of may 2020 always in Gioia del Colle.

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Here is who are the protagonists he interviewed award-winning and Fabio Salvatore, during the Gala. The names speak for themselves:

CRISTINA CHIABOTTO (for its great solidarity, especially for children and cancer research);

FRANCESCA FIALDINI (face reassuring Rai and narrator of the Passion of Jesus live in the world with the Holy Father from the Coliseum of Rome,);

ANDREA BOB (called the “ambassador of smiles” by the Un during the World Day of Happiness of 2016 during his speech to the general Assembly of the United Nations; visit the orphanages around the world);

IVAN COTTINI (dancer discovered by Maria de Filippi, of ‘Friends’, because the struggle and dance despite being forced into a wheelchair because of multiple sclerosis);

KLAUS DAVI (for pledged for the redemption of the image of the South, for its business in favour of a culture of legality);

ALESSIO VIOLA (for his stubbornness and talent in the broadcast information to the company, the perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation in journalism).

After the delivery of the awards, the evening has seen the extraordinary participation of the singer of sicilian fame, Giovanni Caccamo, who performed at a special concert next to the large audience arrived in the castle of frederick ii of Gioia del Colle. On stage with him, was also attended by the actress Anna Nicastri and musician Jacopo Antonicelli at the piano, which have made a special tribute to singer-songwriter Mango, who died in 2014.

Intense choreographic moments of the ballet, curated by the skill of Angela Mastrovito together with the dancers Francesco de Simone and Francesco Bax, that have been in the scene in front of the amazing installation that includes works painted by 18 artists of the territory. Thanks to the meeting between Magna Grecia Awards, and the Gallery Nartist, it is proposed a new way of experiencing art as a daily experience, with the full desire to bind to a intense narrative and spatial values.

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