Francesca Barra On Rodrigo Alves: “I was sick of seeing that. A doctor should not allow the raping of a body”.


Published on Mar 02, 2020


Rodrigo Alves has left the place to Rodri. Already a few weeks ago on social, what a time it was the Ken Human, had shown her transformation into Barbie. A woman has always been a prisoner in his body, he also explained that yesterday in the bet Live is Not the d'urso aired on the first of march 2020 on Channel 5. The transformation was inevitable according to the words of Rodri. But this transformation? Was it really necessary to bring to a fourth of the breast? Was it really necessary to show off in this way? Doubts were raised in the study, but also by viewers from home were following this talk. And between that and commented there was also Francesca's Bar who could not do less than write what he thinks on this story.

And maybe his thinking is what many have done seeing yesterday what remains of Rodrigo, but it's not because she chose to become a woman, but for the way that you are using.

Here are the words of Francesca Barra on social:

Yesterday evening I was evil. When I saw Rodrigo Alves transformed with painful surgical operations (67) by “Ken human barbie , and not a female among other things, I felt anguish.

There was respect, love, freedom, independence, redemption.

A phenomenon that is very sad and unaware. Is a suicide of the soul, of the dignity. A doctor should not allow to rape a body, and a sensibility so fragile . A cosmetic surgeon may not be a butcher, a factory where you assemble pieces human.

Not imputo no responsibility to Rodrigo, and, on the contrary. Its history causes immense piety. I hope that somewhere you will find someone that you love and respect it to the point to save it.

Sit swollen, breast, disproportionate, read to the limit of the human . This is no longer a body. It is not “feminization of a face”. Do not pass this message. Showed a cut as if it was normal for a cut to the skull! Is anesthesia of happiness, of fear! Maybe today I have to put the bar myself because as much as I am a woman that defends the freedom, the sexuality, the choices of the next, in this case, I have a limit.

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