France, new protest of the activists of the Attac against Apple!


Published on Apr 09, 2018


Activists from the French group Attac continue to protest in the Apple Store to ask the company to pay all taxes due in France. In the end of the week, the protest was organised in the store Opéra in Paris and Aix-en-Provence.

In January, Apple had sued the group Attac (Association for taxation of financial transactions and aid to citizens) after the protests took place in the first days of December, in the most important Apple Store in Paris. The event lasted several hours, until Apple agreed to a meeting with some of his representatives. The spokesperson of Attac Aurelie Trouve did you know that “a hundred of activists from Attac, have occupied the Apple Store to ask the company to pay the fair share of taxes in the countries in which it operates, really”. The activists hoisted also a banner on the second floor of the Apple Store Opera in Paris, with the inscription “We will stop when Apple will pay“.

Apple had asked for€ 3,000 in damages to the Attac: “we are Not against the right to protest, but invading our store is something potentially risky for our customers and our staff”. It was a symbolic figure, with which Apple wanted to make it clear that it will accept all the protests, provided they are carried out in a peaceful manner and without putting at risk the safety of its customers. The judges gave him, however, with the activists of Attac, paves the way for new protests. And, invariably, all of this took place.


At the Apple Store Opéra are presented about seventy activists, while Aix-en-Provence had about 45. The protest is always about the taxes not paid by Apple in France, as evidenced by the various signs displayed by the activists.

The participants in the protest have also staged a pretend dead to symbolize “the victims of tax evasion“. According to them, regardless of whether the behavior of Apple is legal or not, these practices damage the economy of the country, and weakening of the public services and afflicting the democracy: “Legal or no, tax evasion is a plague that afflicts our democracies, worsens greatly the public deficit and to weaken public services and social protection“.

For activists, the main victims of the tax avoidance of Apple employees, students, retirees and teachers.


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