France, begins the era Macron: appointed prime minister Edouard Philippe, mayor of Le Havre

Published on May 15, 2017

(AP) The mayor of Le Havre Edouard Philippe, was chosen as prime minister by the new president of france Emmanuel Macron. Exponent of the party neo-gaullist, Les Republicains (I was general secretary when the party called Ump), Philippe is very close to the former prime minister Alain Juppé. France, begins the era Macron: appointed prime minister Edouard Philippe, mayor of Le Havre. Edouard Philippe, mayor of Le Havre, a leading light of the right of the Republicains, was appointed prime minister by the head of state by Emmanuel Macron. This was announced by the secretary-general of Elisha, and Alexis Kohler. “I am a man of the right, and, however, all my effort is inspired by the general interest”, said the prime minister, in the short speech of thanks and farewell to his predecessor, Bernard Cazeneuve. “She is left, I am right, this is not the surprise – said Philippe turned to Cazeneuve – and yet we both esteem for the other. And we know that the general interest should guide all the efforts of politicians, representatives of the State and of our citizens.” “We will do everything we can to develop new initiatives with Macron”. The German chancellor Angela Merkel said, meeting the press for commenting on the elections yesterday in North Rhine-Westphalia. The chancellor has underlined that in France there is the hope that there are new jobs, and said he wanted to wait to hear from the new president, what are his priorities. “The future of Germany in Europe. Germany can be good, only if Europe is right,” he reiterated, and the franco-German cooperation “is constitutive for Europe”. Begins was Macron: “Now, France and Europe stronger”. And began the era of Emmanuel Macron. Francois Hollande came out with a round of applause from the Elysée palace, the president youngest in the history of France is inaugurated, perfectly at ease in the corridors and in the lounges that Hollande had made him discover calling him at his side as a counselor. A Macron that – like a week ago at the Louvre – he insisted in his posture solemn, the slow pace, the face serious to emphasize the historical moments. But that is also able to raise the popular enthusiasm immediately after the long recollection in the rain at the Arc de Triomphe, in front of the memorial of the unknown soldier. She broke the protocol, left waiting for its new convertible in the presidential and approached the barricades, among the faces really worried about his guards of the body. He shook hands, you are granted for an infinite selfie, she received a red rose the memory of the victories of the socialist, and has continued all day, with repeated baths of the crowd in the streets and at the Hotel de Ville. “The world and Europe need more than ever in France, of a France strong,” said Macron by saying a short speech after the official proclamation and the insignia of the Legion of honor received from the president of the constitutional Council, Laurent Fabius. A discourse which, traditionally, is dedicated by president “to France and to his place in the world”, and that Macron have decided to devote especially to the critique of the thesis of the “decline” of the Country, raising optimism and “spirit of conquest”. Then, the space to Europe: “we have a role immense: to correct the excesses in the course of the world. It is our vocation. We need a Europe that is more effective, more democratic, more political, because it is the instrument of our power and of our sovereignty”. And again: “there is a need of a France that knows how to invent the future, my first requirement will be to return to the French the confidence in themselves that for too long has been weakened”. Has not forgotten the one that considers its mission, to “liberate work”, “supporting business, creativity, innovation”, because “France is strong only if it is prosperous”.

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