Four lists vying for the administrative of Marchirolo. Here is the list of candidates

Published on May 14, 2017

And’ expired in the morning of yesterday, the deadline for the delivery of the subscriptions for the applications of candidates for mayors who want to run for the local elections of the municipality of Marchirolo. Four, the number of lists, filed at the electoral office of the municipality of Marchirolo. Here are all the names of the candidates for mayors and councilors. Four lists vying for the administrative of Marchirolo. Here is the list of candidates. This morning was the deadline for the delivery of subscriptions, the election of the town of Marchirolo. At the closing of the doors of the electoral office for the running of the administrative, which will be held on 11 June, four were the subscriptions delivered to the applications of candidates for statutory auditors. Already in the past few weeks on social networks and, in particular, on Pages Facebook of the country have begun to leak rumors about the lists in the running. Here are all of the candidates of the four teams. To give continuity to the political activities of these years, the list of “Marchirolo in evolution”. First to have presented the candidates of his list, svelandoli week after week, Salvatore Parise, who, following the experience gained in the past fifteen years that have seen him work first as a counselor and then as a councillor and deputy mayor, has decided to get on the field again and run as a candidate for the office of mayor. To run with him for the list “Marchirolo in Evolution”, in addition to the outgoing mayor, Peter Cetrangolo, Leonardo Congiu, Michele Odoni, Silvio Tos, Pasquale, Jack, Veronica Brunelli, Spring Ferrari, Gianfranca Canu, Luigi Adreani, Dario Orlandi, Serena Lacaria and Francis Andriulo. After several years of rest down in the field, the former mayor of the Busts with “Marchirolo in common”. An ambitious programme that presented by the former mayor Dino Busts, which focuses on the redevelopment of the historic core, the quality and efficiency of the services to the person, the school, the culture, the solidarity, and the free time. To run with him, the aspiring directors Stefano Cocoon, Marco Gilardi, Stefano Rametta, Roberto Muscas, Paolo Caporali, P. Fasulo, Paul Guffanti, Joseph Lambert, Mary Rose Malcotti, Ada Zamberletti, Anna Maria Perdomi and Emanuele Maria Schipani. To the sound of “Enough promises, we decide together”, the Maximum Master presents the third list in the running: “Marchirolo 2017”. And Maximum Master, instead, the candidate for mayor for the third list running for the local elections of the municipality of Marchirolo, which is presented to the citizens, with many of the proposals but, above all, with the desire of creating an effective collaboration with all citizens. Aspiring city councillors who make up its membership election are: Gaspare Artale, Paul Bio, Mario Ferrara, Palmerino Ferrara, Flavio Foresti, Antonino Licari, Gaetano Pantano, Lucy Pope, Susanna Pessini, Maria Luisa Specimens, Corrado Protégé and Giancarlo Putignano. To close the electoral framework of Marchirolo is the fourth in the list, a New Force. The mayoral candidate of the list the New Force that will try to win the elections in Marchirolo is Francesco Folino. His team is composed by the following directors: Cerrato, Giuseppe, Torre Jessica, Tanzola Joseph Notarianni Antonio, Santamaria, Alessandra, Fanchetti Francesco Zedda Flavio Monti Marco, Alberti Bruno, Lillo, Mary Grace. In the coming days and weeks the campaign will be in full swing and there will be presentations of lists, and meetings with the citizens.

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