Fortnite arrives on Android, but it's not for everyone and may not be downloaded from the Play Store


Published on Aug 03, 2018


After celebrating the first birthday of Fortnite last month, the now famous title for iPhone, iPad, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC is about to land on Android. But...

Because of the graphics and the power that is required, the version for Android Provided requires a smartphone high end for work. Thus, of the 2.5 billion Android devices around the world, only 300 million, will run smoothly the game, according to the CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeney.

"The current Android version is not a factor so decisive as the CPU and the graphics processor," said Sweeney. "All the devices of at least three years ago, with a GPU of the high-end will run the game well enough".

The popular multiplayer game arrives on Android in a way that is perhaps the most interesting part of the question. Sweeney has, in fact, revealed to colleagues from VentureBeat that the game will require the download of the APK from the official site of the company, or Yes you read that right, Fortnite will arrive on Android, but not through the Play Store.

"Go on our site, click on the download button and follow the wizard to download and install Fortnite. There are absolutely no store third-party involved. It's like a PC experience, the way in which PC and Mac users install Fortnite," said CEO of Epic Games.

But because Epic Games has not chosen the Play Store as a distribution platform? We anticipate, there is also an economic rationale.

There are two reasons that have led us to this decision. First, we want to have a direct relationship with our customers. On open platforms like PC and Android, you can receive the software directly from us. We can have a direct contact with the users and do not have a distributor third party as a third wheel. The second motivation is related instead to the current economic model of the ecosystem of the store. There is usually a split 30/70. 70%, the developer pays all the costs for the development of the game, its marketing, and so on. For most developers, it is almost all the revenue. We are trying to make available to our software users in the most efficient way from an economic point of view.

Given that Provided is free, the only revenue for Epic Games is accounted for by in-app purchases. Also under this point of view, the game is a success: Fortnite has generated more than a billion dollars of revenues to date, and the download does not count.

The in-app payments on Fortnite for Android can be made by credit card and PayPal account.

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