Fortnite, Agreement Powerful, and Beef Boss in the Shop of the 23 October - News - PC

Published on Oct 23, 2018

The Shop Fortnite updates, and after a long wait, back to the rare Skin Agreement Powerful: with her, there is also Beef, Boss, here's all the new content.. Also today, Tuesday 23 October 2018 the Shop Fortnite is up to date, and with good news for those who were waiting for the return of the Skin rare (or at least deemed as such by the community of players). Agreement is a Powerful in fact the Costume of the day, the occasion more unique than rare to add it to your Cabinet of Fortnite. Among the new contents of the Store of Fortnite we, of course, the most important: the Skin Power Chords (Legendary ... | News games Windows PC


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