Former Apple employee tells the story of the first 500 emoji on the iPhone


Published on Jan 12, 2018


In 2008, Angela Guzman, was a student of graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design and an intern at Apple, where he joined the team iPhone to work with the first 500 emoji that were integrated on the device. In a recent interview with the Medium, Guzman has told right that time.

When he was delivered that project in 2008, the emoji were not widespread in western culture. The Guzman followed a crash course in the design team of the company, and then started to draw the first emoji. Steve Jobs looked in first-person every single emoji before to approve it for the launch:

No matter how quickly I could create an emoji, I was checking constantly every single detail: the direction of the grain of the wood, small defects of apples and aubergines, the type of stitching of the skin on a balloon. The details were endless, but I tried to capture all this in every single pixel, magnifying it, and then he made it bigger still, because every little detail was paramount.

The designer also tells a few tidbits about some of those first emoji. For example, in the poop, face poop, happy was reused as the top of the ice cream cone. Emoji more complicated and detailed they were instead released at the end, as it happened with the iconic dancer wearing a red dress.

The emoji of Guzman were released for the first time in Japan in November of 2008, and since then they have changed the way people communicate. Today, these emoticons have become an important part of the ecosystem, iOS and the macOS, Apple has continued to refine them, and improve update after update.

Even today, the team at Apple that handles emoji takes care of every single detail of every single pixel.

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