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Published on Feb 11, 2017


Our work allows us to try an almost unlimited number of gadgets and, in particular, products that are compatible with iPhone. When I was contacted by the press office of Dodocool, I agreed to try these headphones Lightning, mainly because I haven't received the AirPods and I was hoping to find something that could replace, with dignity, the EarPods Lightning that I found in the package of my iPhone 7 Plus. Needless to say (you have already read the title) that the expectations have been largely unfulfilled. But I want to tell you how it went in this “review”.

I received these headphones before Christmas (think a bit... I pondered it well before writing this article) and I have tried practically only two occasions and for a total of not more than 2 minutes of listening. The reason for this? I'll tell you soon.

The headphones come with a design that is rather particular. There is a Lightning connector that then becomes a jack of 3.5 mm and fits into a telecomandino in-line with buttons for volume, play/pause button and also a button to “enhance the bass”. In addition to this, on the remote stands, all this is helpful, there is the inscription “Hi-Res Audio“: according to the description on Amazon, “the headset adopts the technology of Hi-Res high-resolution audio. Provides a transmission of the audio signal, low-loss, 24-bit 48kHz, using higher sampling rates than the standards used in traditional CDS.” Wow, this is so cool! Indossiamole.

Comfortable the are. The grommets are designed to be sufficiently insulating to prevent the movement of the headphones. I discover the presence of a second telecomandino in-line, this place in the “traditional”. From here, however, we can only pause and resume playback, and call up Siri. In any case, definitely more comfortable this of the other remote control that is so close to the phone, press to control playback directly from the latter.

Always according to the product description, the headset is compatible with any iOS device equipped with Lightning. Pity that the reality is different even in this case. The first thing I tested on an iPad Pro and an iPhone 7 Plus: the result was that the telecomandino “low” did not work. Both telecomandini instead, they worked when I connected the headphones to an iPhone 5c.

The description of the product then speaks of the “advanced noise isolation”: do not let yourselves be fooled, there is nothing of all this. The headphones isolate, I said that too, but the island simply as it is conceived the grommet and to the nature of their in-ear headphones. There are other specific “technologies” for noise reduction.

Before talking about the audio quality (I leave it as dulcis in fundo) it remains to clarify the operation of the button “Bass Boost“. At first glance, it might seem one of the few points in favor of these headphones, but with a comparative listening it is understood that, in reality, activating the bass boost does not go to to retrieve those low, which, theoretically, should already be played, and are instead cut if you are not using this feature. No practical advantage, therefore, considered that if you want to get a better amount of listening you will keep always active this function.

Ok, I can't escape. Let's talk about the audio quality. As I said, I put them on for no more than 10 seconds the first time and, with some effort, for a little less than two minutes the second time. I am sincerely enough and advanced. In the face of the cost of the product is the quality of the sound is really embarrassing. Call it poor would not make enough of the idea. For charity, your music still be able to recognize them, but the eq is very flat, the distribution is poor and the resolution of the audio is really very low. Many frequencies will be completely swept away and some of the sounds that you are accustomed to locate even with earphones the modest will not be played.

You can understand why I have suggested already in the title stay away? And I have not told you all yet. These headphones cost 69,99€ (yes, sixty-nine and ninety-nine euro!). Needless to say: you do not have to work very hard to find headphones better than these. Indeed, I would say that the solution you already have at hand, and at zero cost: the EarPods that you found in the box of your iPhone sound better, they are more cute, have a telecomandino in-line, and do not have any button to recover the bass lost. You continue to use them and forget the sovrapprezzata and poor proposal Dodocool.

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