For Vittorio Feltri gays are fags and ricchioni Luxuria silenced


Published on Nov 19, 2019


For Vittorio Feltri gays are fags and ricchioni Luxuria silenced. It is not the first time, and unfortunately it will not be the last, that Vittorio Feltri, director of Leisure, is expressed on the gay. The last of its outputs paradoxical there was to Live is Not the D'urso of 18 November:”I do not speak English. The gay people I call them using the common language of Italian, then fags“.

A nothing is served the words and the explanations of the “sferata” Luxuria who has tried all the ways to understand at Felt that those terms are not in common use, and that often, who is about to be appealed to as well, also ends up committing suicide. Nothing to do, Felt went straight to his road. Luxuria failed, even shouting, to change the idea to the journalist that, in the end, it is as well nervous in front of the insistence of Vladirmir.

Sgarbi has recalled the time when she met Luxuria. “Were you beating on the street, you remember?”.

Luxuria was immediately agitated.“You're lying! I was walking normally and you're approached with the machine. With you, there was also the Casalegno. I climbed up and took us on a tour of Rome is really beautiful,” said Vladimir.

But Sgarbi has not heard the reasons:“it is Not so and you deny that you have played the harlot? The you have declared you to the Courier of the evening...I respect you but you can't deny your past,” he continued, undaunted, Sgarbi.

Luxuria is immediately heated. “A person like me should have the right to walk the streets and not be mistaken for a prostitute! Never have I met on the street while I was doing the firefly. [...] In that interview of which you speak, I talked about my complicated spell, but that is another story“.

Started by Vittorio Sgarbi! #noneladurso

Time — to-Live – is Not the d'urso (@LiveNoneladUrso) November 18, 2019

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