For The process of listening to the flop immeritati: when Mediaset is good for the public changes the channel


Published on Nov 30, 2019


How many times we have to repeat all this? We wrote it last year Not to tell a lie, for the silence of The water, we have rewritten a few weeks ago for more Than the threshold. It is possible that when Mediaset ports on the scene, a fiction or tv series worthy of the name, the public run away from you? And it is possible that the remaining part of the audience, the one that likes the tv series level, to be afraid to tune in to Channel 5 thinking of falling in the net of the trash? It's a real shame gentlemen, because recently I have been losing a lot. The process is a fiction courageous that port on Channel 5, what we often see on other networks, just think of A day in the magistrate's court, for example, that is so pleasing to the public, or to remain on the level of the tv series, products like Law&Order that we know by memory ( replicas included). Is it a sin to fail from the outset, the new series with Vittoria Puccini because also in this case, you will experience and the result is more than good. You have in mind when on social ironically, you write “then you deserve the dottoressa Giò whole life” is the case to say...Because if fiction like The Island of Peter or La dottoressa Giò gained more success, then there is really something that does not work. Those products can definitely be pleased, but the tv series such as The process deserve well other audiences. And we could pull it out, even in this case, the problem of time, of too much advertising. All that you want but in the end, we repeat here the same things.

And the fact that the numbers are not everything, we can concentrate also on the other.

The fiction works. Some italians are very, very morbid, prefer to follow A day in the magistrate's court because the people shown on tv really exist, are the same that you can cross the street. The fiction is just that, and the morbidity disappears. Who wrote the series, however, has done some great work: the music, the dialogues, the shots, all the ingredients that make The process a great product, one of the ones that you can sell also around Europe. There lamentavamo much of the fact that the tv series Italian were not at the height of those of the English or americans, and when they get a product that is likely where you do not shoot without sense, and where the dead do not rise, that, behold, bocciamo all. That's a shame.

A pity, especially because our fear is that in the long run Mediaset loses patience and stop experimenting. That hoax, we've been asking for years for something that was different from honor and respect and then we don't, we can glue in front of the tv. That's just sad.

But the numbers are not everything and in front of an impressive cast, Vittoria Puccini, Francesco Scianna and allow even a note of credit for the amazing interpretation of Camilla Filippi, hope does not die. The hope is that the audience will mend his ways or, at least, Mediaset does not stop, for those few who remain to believe in it.

The Process starts with 2.138.000 viewers with 10.2% share.

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