For Morning 5 record season Ratings: with Belen live beats Italian Stories


Published on Oct 11, 2019


Data auditel interesting in the day of 10 October 2019, we focus in particular on what happened in the morning. In the range that goes from 9 to 12 approximately. In the challenge between the Italian Stories and Morning 5, one of the most interesting at the time, the victory of the October 10, 2019 goes to the program of Federica Panicucci and Francis the Old and bring home the first victory in net on the competitors with the first record of the season. All this also thanks to Belen Rodriguez? Certainly the call of Belen live has helped, but the program of Federica Panicucci and Francesco Vecchi like more and more to the public network for the variety of the themes treated. Not surprisingly, the episode of the Italian Stories in the air today 11 October 2019 change style and if you are normally the second part is devoted to the interviews, most read, news the pink part around 11 a.m., today at 11: 30 Eleonora Daniele is still speaking of the news, with its interview with the Captain Last.

A small note about this edition of the Italian Stories that he has lost a journalist capable of attracting the audience thanks to his investigations, we talk about the Vito Straw currently working for Barbara d'urso with the Afternoon 5. The choice of the messengers is not trivial, it takes a certain type of setting for a direct, a kind of empathy with the people to interview who must tell their story and with the home crowd ready to listen. But this is obviously a small note, and also because of journalists, historians, capable of the Italian Stories there are. The program was worth. The fact that it necessarily had to extend the door to the review of the faces may not be always the same, and in the long run, if a lack of investigations that have made the program of Rai 1, the adventures of the vip is not too vip, you may also tire.

We see the numbers.

On Bbc1 One Morning me good morning in 839.000 viewers with 16.9% share; Stories get 710.000 spectators with 16% share in the first part and 785.000 (14.3%) in the second.

On Canale5 Morning Five has informed 759.000 viewers (14.8%) in the first part and 791.000 (17.8%) in the second.

Let us not forget that the Italian Stories is a leader in its class for over a month, one win does not erase certain what was there before. Also because we are talking about really a handful of spectators. The Italian stories, however, must aim to do better why is he in general with respect to data that has been recorded in the past, not with respect to the comparison with the Morning 5.

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