For France the time has come to address the Coronavirus, Macron: “‘medical emergency and the most severe of the last 100 years. “


Published on Mar 13, 2020


Maybe for the French, and maybe the time has come to put aside the banter, think of what is happening in Italy with the smell under his nose, and to stop gathering in the day of the Smurfs think that the coronavirus is an Italian problem. And from the words of the president Macron yesterday evening, it is clear that France has become aware of what is happening, and preparing, such as Italy, to address this pandemic.

Not to mince expressions Macron, which clearly ( even if a few days late) is forced to surrender to the evidence: “ we are faced with the emergency of the health's largest in France in the last 100 years,” he said yesterday.

The problem for France is voting on Sunday: all the measures in fact will be starting Monday, and perhaps another three days of close contact, may result in many, many other cases.

“The absolute priority for our nation is our health,“ he added, announcing that “from Monday and until further order the kindergartens, the schools, the universities of France and will remain closed”.

From the words of the president Macron to the nation, it is clear that, in his words, in France it is used a method to try to limit the contacts, to block the virus. “The virus continues to spread, is accelerating, is what we feared,” said Macron, explaining that “we have been able to delay the propagation of the virus,” but the epidemic is “non-stop” and announcing a possible “second wave” that “will also strike young people”. France, he added, it will use “all means necessary” for the health of its citizens, “whatever the costs” .

Monday closed also one of the places symbol of France for the children, we talk about Disneyland Paris.

Macron explained that the public transport in France will continue to work regularly but has invited everyone to move as little as possible ( as can be seen this Sunday to vote for remains a mystery). The invitation to remain at home as long as possible, it is addressed to all but especially those over 70.

About the economic aspect of the matter: “We, europeans, – has declared – we will not leave propagate an economic and financial crisis. We will stand up strong and we will bounce back quickly.”

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