For Christmas, we choose the cones: the most beautiful ideas for the home, from the decorations to the table (PHOTOS)


Published on Nov 08, 2019


Christmas 2019 is approaching and it is time to think of decorations for our house. That Christmas would be without pine cones? Of course, the cones may not be missing, and there really are lots of ideas to make centerpieces with pine cones for decorations with pine cones, for the placeholder with the pine cones...So the pine cones are really the protagonists of Christmas. And besides being very economical ( you can buy low price) can be also free for those who have trees near the house, maybe a park where you can collect them with the kids. The pine cones are also perfect for crafts to make with kids for Christmas ideas to make at home. And then have another peculiarity: they can be colored. We can use them in their natural color and play then with other things to give color to what we want to do, or we can color them with the spray, we think, for example of the beautiful pine cones gold and silver.

But let us see concretely the ideas to make at home something beautiful with the pine cones. For a Christmas to the whole cone and then! We have searched for ideas on Pinterest and we offer you.

For the decorations of the house we can think of vases illuminated with the cones. We want very few things: we need glass jars for long ( that cost very little if we are not already in the house), a series of lights come on bright ( we choose the colours according to those that predominate in the house for our Christmas) and then we fill the vase with the pine cones. The game is done. Of course, let's make sure we have an outlet near you, or use an extension cord that you can hide.

Thus we see the idea realized

Let us instead to a centerpiece that is very simple, which can also be used as a point light for a cabinet or a shelf to decorate. Also in this case, as we can see in the photo, we use a glass jar. This time, however, we need a vessel to fill very wide. We can make a base for our pine cones, we choose the material which we prefer, we could also use the simple polystyrene white or something that reminds you of the snow, or we can use the small balls for christmas. Above we lower then our cones, we can leave natural or paint with glitter maybe. And in the center, as seen in the photo, we put a candle maybe scented in order to make the atmosphere even more magical.

Let's see the final result

And finally we give you a simple idea to make with the children and with the pine cones. We simply need a ball of wool of the pugne, the hot glue ( or glue on normal if we don't have hot glue), and then balls pom poms to stick on the pine cones as you see in the photo. The implementation is really simple. Here's the photo

What do you think of these ideas for christmas?

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