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Published on Nov 04, 2018


Football Manager 2019 TouchSega America21,99 €

Football Manager 2019, the football management game is among the most popular in the world, is available for the iOS and Android versions Touch for Tablet and Mobile Smartphone. It is reduced-size versions, but is no less fun or graphically less attractive, designed for those who have little time but want to manage their favorite team.

Football Manager 2019 Touch, the iPad version includes 116 championships and 51 nations, and, for the first time, there will be the Bundesliga and 2. The Bundesliga fully licensed. This is because, as stated by SEGA, “reduced version does not mean less fun...”.

You will have the opportunity to speed up the seasons, and skip the configurations for pre-race so that we can focus only on the important things such as the management of the team and the games.

And speaking of the games, even the latter can be sped up thanks to the new function Result. Alternatively, you can follow the events in the popular 3D engine that in this new version includes the VAR and Goal Line Technology.

But that's not all. Below you will find all the novelties and improvements introduced by FM19 Touch:

Start your management career learning the basics and the way to the top will be easier.

He faces a guided path to victory with a new preset tactics as the “Gegenpress, the “Tiki-taka”, the “Catenaccio”, or use the new creator tactical to do something unique.

In Football Manager 2019 Touch will host the debut of the two higher divisions of the German championship. The Bundesliga and 2. The Bundesliga have coats, sweaters, and the faces official, in addition to their trophies.

The new form of training is not only more streamlined and simple, but it is also a realistic representation of how the teams develop young players and prepare the first team for individual matches and for the current season.

A change of graphics and a lot of small but important changes make it FM19 chapter of the series more beautiful to see.

Football Manager 2019 Mobile for iPhone offers a gaming experience that is incredibly realistic and includes the teams of 56 championships in 19 countries. You will have the opportunity to choose a team that already exists or create one from scratch. During the event, you can intervene to make decisions that could change the course of the game. These are the innovations introduced by FM19 Mobile:

Russia and China are the two new destinations to try their luck abroad and, for the first time in the series, the Bundesliga has a full license with all its young talent.

Supervise and guide the improvements of your players like never before with the new and customizable training system. Override on weaknesses or develop strengths in something really special, and also thanks to the targeted advice of the staff.

Now you can deal in real time with teams and players for a more dynamic experience and quick. The new clauses allow you to trade options of repurchase or minimum rates of sale, and for the first time will be included in the future to a real transfer.

Finally... now the players will always have their t-shirts with the introduction of the numbers of the team are fully customizable.

For the first time in the series, will be available in their official uniforms, and you can also create your in the mode “my team”.

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