Football, death of Morosini: in the trial for manslaughter of three doctors

Published on Mar 25, 2014

A judgment for wrongful death the three doctors are being investigated for the death of Piermario Morosini at the stadium Adriatico, the race, the Pescara-Livorno on 14 April 2012. The decision of the Gup of the court of Pescara, Luca De Ninis, in response to the request to the public prosecutor Valentina D'agostino. It is a question of the doctors of the Livorno Manlio Porcellini, Pescara, Ernesto Sabatini and 118 of Pescara Vito Molfese. Morosini died of cardiac arrest due to cardiomyopathy arrhythmogenic. The beginning of the process was fixed the first of December 2014. Omitted the use of the defibrillator, which “would have given some chance to survive”: this would be the responsibility of the doctors of the Livorno Manlio Porcellini, Pescara, Ernesto Sabatini and 118 of Pescara Vito Molfese, committed for trial by the gup of Pescara, Luca De Ninis in response to the request of the pm, Valentina D'agostino, for the death of a footballer of Livorno, Piermario Morosini Adriatico stadium on April 14, 2012 during Pescara-Livorno. The cornerstone of the procedure, the expertise presented by the consultants appointed by the Gip, Vittorio Fineschi, Francesco Della Corte and the Riccardo Cappato, where the three professionals argued that the three doctors “had to use the defibrillator, semi-automatic, which is available on the day.” Always in the appraisal, the law that “each of the doctors made, is called to hold, in their heritage of professional knowledge, the irreplaceable value of the defibrillator semi-automatic in the diagnosis of the rhythm underlying and, in the case of ventricular fibrillation, the value crucial in influencing the survival chances of the victim of the collapse”. The conclusions of the experts of the Gip does not differ greatly from the expertise at the time set for the pm D'agostino from the medical examiner who performed the autopsy, Cristian D'ovidio. The biography of Piermario Morosini. Piermario Morosini remains orphaned at a young age: in 2001, 15 years old, loses his mother Camilla, and two years later, in 2003, dies also the father Aldo. In 2004, he committed suicide, the brother's disability, and Morosini left alone with a sister she too was disabled. On 14 April 2012, 31' of the Pescara-Livorno on the 14th day of return of Serie B, he collapses to the ground, following a sudden heart attack. Taken to the hospital, the player died at 16:45. The race is not completed, and subsequently, the FIGC has the postponement of the entire day of all the Italian championships. The news had highlighted all over the world: in Spain, for example, at the beginning of the Real Madrid-Sporting Gijón, it was observed a minute of silence at the Santiago Bernabéu, while ilBarcellona took the field with the black arm. The Vicenza and Livorno have retired the jerseys number 25 a few hours after the disappearance. Vicenza also has decided to title him the technical Centre of Isola Vicentina. In his honor has established a memorial entitled, " The hope... in a memory, and was named the South Curve of the Stadium atleti Azzurri d'italia in Bergamo. Exactly a year after his death, he was named the away sector (south curve) of the Stadium Adriatico.

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