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Published on Jan 05, 2017


You can easily order food at home can in some situations save your life. Few are those among us who have not taken advantage of the convenient home delivery service offered by some exercises. However, it is not always easy to find the number and menu of the ones that interest us, also because not all the exercises have their own website.

We have already spoken of the app to discover restaurants and pizzerias best:

Now smartphones are a part of our life, and then an application that manages and organizes the ordering and delivery of food at home can be a great convenience for us and for the restaurateurs.

Also if you are travelling, these applications may be very useful to you:

Let's see the most used applications quickly order food at home, without forgetting also the Amazon has launched a grocery store.

Just-Eat is the most well known app in this field, also thanks to the continuous advertising campaign. It's convenient because they usually can make arrangements with many different types of caterers and the customer can then access a great offer. Unfortunately, the app and the service have an important critical aspects: it lacks the confirmation of the caterer or at least is present, but arrives via e-mail much later than the delivery of the order. For the rest it is undoubtedly a good service: more and more exhibitors participating and some do not charge any commission for the service.

Moreover, each restaurant owner can set the minimum cost so that the order is accepted, in my experience it varies a lot (between 0 and 20 €) from activity to activity.

If you want to order food for home delivery with Just-Eat to do is use the site or download the app from the Play Store and the App Store.

An excellent application, it also includes several award-winning restaurants. Unfortunately still not available in some areas of Italy, but very effective and efficient in the cities reached such as Milan and Rome. It includes a large number of exercises in areas that have already been visited, unfortunately the delivery costs are the responsibility of the person ordering and amounts to 2.50 €, and there is a surcharge of 2€ for orders less than 15 €. Missing well as a filter for food intolerances that will hopefully be placed soon.

If you want to order food at home with Deliveroo to do is download the app from the Play Store and the App Store.

From the same company that we want to revolutionize the flow of traffic, an application with which anyone will be able to get food at home. It is not a cheap service, it costs 5 euros of commission, and it works in quite simple way. Received a commission, Uber notifies the local operator that puts him in preparation, while warn the riders in the area, who will accept the race will take part of the commission to Uber. The service has landed in Milan in October 2016 and the extension to the city of Rome. EATS is available as a section in the app Uber and in the form of a standalone application for Android and iOS.

Available in Catania, Palermo and now also in Bari is a great solution. In Catania, where I was able to try it, is very precise: allows you to sort in many restaurants having faced their full menu. The commission is charged to the customer, and is usually only 2.90 €, the minimum cost for ordering is established by the individual store usually, but in my experience has never been below 15€.

If you want to order food to the home via the Socialfood the service is available via the website and via client for Android and iOS.

If your passion is pizza, this friendly service could do to your case. Born from the initiative of some of the boys of Altamura, is spreading rapidly. Are already covered 20 cities, university of the south of Italy. Looks very, very similar to Just-Eat: includes a minimum of expense, and delivery charges vary according to the choice of the restauranteur. From the praise of the filters and the attention to food intolerances.

If you want to order food to the home via the PIZZA lol, you can do so via the website or via the app for Android and iOS.

If this collection will liked to know that we have done similar collections of the best apps for each field:

We arrived at the end of our collection on best app for the food at home. Let us know if you use them and if we forgot to insert a few valid alternative!

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