Focos: further enhances the camera of your iPhone X


Published on Nov 16, 2017


If the improvements offered by the iPhone camera and the X doesn't make you feel completely satisfied with the new application “Focos” you can have more satisfaction.

In the month of September, the iPhone 8 Plus was declared by DxO as the smartphone with the best camera built in. Not even shortly after, the scepter was conquered by the Samsung Note 8, followed by the Google Pixel 2. By November, however, the new winner was the iPhone X. If you are owners of an iPhone X and you're not sufficiently satisfied with the built-in camera, the App Store is now available in a new and interesting application that will allow you to get the best.

Focos is an app that can enhance the photographic experience with the Apple iPhone. The app can be downloaded free of charge from all, it is compatible from the iPhone 5s with iOS 11 installed, and requires only 26.1 MB for download. The app offers a menu very intuitive, the controls are simple to use and tools that will make your photos more beautiful.

Focos allows you to move freely focus on the image. It will be extremely easy to put on, for example, to fire a person positioned on the background and blur the part in the foreground. Several of the tools available, including effects and filters, all easily available, but unfortunately not all of them are free. Once the download is complete, you can test the app for two hours. Next you'll need to sign up for a monthly subscription equal to 1,09 €, or decide whether to purchase the FULL version for the price of 10,99 €.

Link – Price FREE!

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