Flying the first aircraft on the house of the GF VIP 4: Patrick, Paul and Licia happy


Published on Mar 05, 2020


Finally the air on the house of Big Brother VIP 4! We waited for two months but in the end we made it, the fans begin to be felt. Three aircraft are flown today on the house of the GF VIP in Rome. One for Patrick, who received a nice message from his fans; one of Licia, for her from the fans and one for Paul Ciavarro. The three were very happy to receive these gifts from heaven! After two months of stay in the house, the fatigue is felt and the messages which have arrived from the outside, is certainly a lot of pleasure. “Any insult there is the divide,” he had told Patrick to Andrea and Paul thinking that there was something negative in the message he addressed and instead, the fans are rooting out and alert you to the fact that, also in this edition, the favorite!

And here is a small fragment of the moment in which Patrick, in the garden, he spotted his plane

Plane to Patrick with Paul and Denver are two children happy for his friend ❤️#GFVIP

Obviously very happy with the friends Patrick, in particular, Paul and Andrew Denver ( even if the poor model did not received any message, never despair, however, because it could happen). Embarrassed Patrick, who apparently didn't expect. Very happy also to Paul who has continued to thank his fans even after seeing the message for Patrick.

For Ciavarro not only the affection of the fans but also that of Clizia!

And sweet words for Licia Nunez, who apparently outside has a veritable army of fans who cheer for her.

In this day of messages from the outside you really feel the lack of boyfriends and husbands. No gesture of Faith ( which of course has no economic problem, but perhaps it will do more), and no gesture on the part of husbands or other boyfriends; a disappointment, in short. But since today we began the adventure of the air in the house, let's not despair, it could happen.

After the drone can handle things, here are some other messages that also give a perception of what the home audience sees and who loves. Zequila if it will be a reason...

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