Flowkey: learn to play the piano is a no-brainer


Published on Oct 16, 2017


If you, like us, you love music but have never found the time to practice, today we offer you a perfect application, even for beginners. Flowkey, in fact, is much more than what we are accustomed to find in the various online store. With this app, available for both Android and iOS, learn to play the piano or keyboard will be a fun and exciting pastime.

There are dozens of tools that are similar to other types of instruments. What is it then that makes flowkey one of the points of reference in the sector? In addition to offering the score of the song that you want to learn how, you will be assisted by a real master virtual, that will guide you in first steps. We begin to see in more detail what you can do with flowkey.

What has really amazed at flowkey is that it is an application really simple. You will not need to strange accessories to match your instrument to start playing. All that you need is your smartphone or tablet, and a piano or a cheaper keyboard. Once you have chosen one of the hundreds of songs in the database flowkey you can decide in full autonomy on how to carry out the song.

Among the options available, you can decide whether to play with one hand or with both, if I slow down the execution time or loop a part of the song particularly difficult. The choice between the available tracks is a very wide one. You go from classical music up to the latest pop hits, passing of course for the pieces that have made the history of music.

With flowkey you have in your hands what is perhaps reductive to define a score interactive. Its functions are not limited only to the reading of the music. It is a personal assistant really smart, that will help you to considerably shorten the learning time.

In addition to what we have seen until now, we have to add that thanks to a system of sound recognition, flowkey is able in real time to know if the note you are playing, is that actually shown.

In addition to being able to play your songs live, flowkey also allows you to attend real lessons of the song. There are so many, divided by level of difficulty. You yourself decide where to start depending on your level of preparation. Be careful though, with flowkey cheating is impossible. To move to the next lesson, you will need to have completed the previous one. Then, at least in this case, no shortcuts for you.

To download flowkey, all you need to do is go into your store default, be it App Store or Play Store and search for the title of the application. To make everything much easier we leave you the direct link to the app that you can open both tablet smartphone.


Once the download is complete you need to do is create an account and login. Please note that flowkey is a free download for both Android and Apple devices. In the free package are already included on some of the songs and lessons that you can take advantage of. If you are going to go deeper in the knowledge of the plan, the development team provides a plan of subscriptions that you can subscribe to. We want to emphasize that flowkey offers a system of learning that is really complete and comparable to the classical lessons of schools of music. Below you will find the available subscription plans.

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