Flop “Bonus Culture” for teens: recording complex and scarce supply

Published on Feb 09, 2017

At a distance of three months from the entry into force, the Bonus Culture is slow to take off, so much so that there is already talk of a flop. The measure of the government Renzi awards 500 euros for each of the 18-year-old of 2016 to spend on music, theatre, books, events, concerts, and cinema by 31 December 2017. But only 40% of those eligible have registered to the digital platform to do the ‘shopping cultural’. Why this lack of interest? The problem is not a generation without stimuli, but the drawn out mechanism of the recording and a very low offer. Flop “Bonus Culture” for teens: recording complex and scarce supply. To get the bonus you need to move out in three steps: first, you need to get digital identity – the so-called Spid, public System of digital identity -, then you have to register on 18app and, finally, find the right event in your area. But what seemed a simple mechanism and immediate has turned into a real Achilles heel that threatens to derail the entire measure. And’ perhaps the most complex part of the procedure. First of all it is necessary to get an e-mail address, mobile phone number, a valid identity document (identity card or passport, health card with the tax code. Then you need to contact one of the four identity providers: intel ® xeon ® processor Sielteid, Tim and Poste Italiane. The procedure varies depending on the provider: with Sielte, for example, you can register free of charge via webcam or in person; with intel ® xeon ® processor recording via the webcam has a cost of 9.90 euros, while in person is free. If you choose the items, you will need to register in advance online and then go to the office while with Tim for the time the procedure is online but serving the electronic identity card. The numbers of the Bonus. According to the data of the Presidency of the Council of the 527.427 young people who have completed 18 years of age in 2016, about 286mila have a digital identity, while 230 thousand are those who are enrolled in 18app. In practice, the 40% of voters. How much money has been spent 18.5 million of the 290 million allocated by the government. Just 6.38%. And after you have obtained the desired digital identity and logged on 18app, however, that there it struggles with the biggest problem: the lack of cultural offer. For the Presidency of the Council seven thousand dealers have joined the initiative. According to a check carried out by the daily La stampa, are about 4,000, and all concentrated in the big cities. In each case the figure is very low and indicates that the neodiciottenni the italians can spend the bonus culture is only one in a thousand of the eight thousand Italian municipalities. Not only. Even in the large cities is not simple to spend 500 euro. If you search for “theatre” of Rome, appear only 12 results, four of which correspond to Mediaworld. The great chain is also 4 results on 7 to the item “Music”, although the bonus does not include involve the purchase of dvds and cds. The black market in good unused. Among those who have managed to get the bonus there are also those who do not know what to do with them, but decided to buy something. Even in the illegal way. It took a few months to give a real black market of the book, which sees the holders of the bonus buy – online or physically – books for other people that have them pay half. The practice is prohibited by the “Terms of use” to the point 4 states that “The good generated through the service are intended to be used exclusively by the user. It is, therefore, prohibited any form of disclosure to third parties of such bonds as well as of the relative value”. It is for a few motivated that live in the area that is right. Who has not perseverance, renunciation. He is convinced Vito Alberto Lippolis, who some time ago had told the story of his experience. “To obtain an electronic identity, I turned to the Italian post and it has been a month since my first request to obtain the Spid”. The problem, continued Vito, “is the staff that does not have the skills as it was not formed previously. Who has not perseverance, renunciation”. But the difficulties are not over: “once on the platform you can access the list of exhibitors. But today the supply is very limited in the cities of the province as well as in big cities like Milan and Rome. If you exclude the giants like Amazon and the big chain Feltrinelli and Mondadori, the small and medium-sized firms are almost absent. While Ticket-one does not specify what concerts to be inserted in the platform and which not”. And the result, continued Vito, “is that only those who are truly motivated, or living in centers the most active on the platform can benefit from the initiative”. (AGI)

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