Flavio Insinna makes you cry Caterina Balivo: ‘If the won were unjust...’

Published on Sep 20, 2018

Insinna makes you cry Caterina Balivo to Come to me with the memory for Fabrizio Frizzi

In the episode today of ‘Come to me’ Flavio Insinna was a guest in the living room of Caterina Balivo. The new presenter of ‘The Legacy’ has granted a long interview talking about his private and professional life.

After joking with the artist neapolitan, Flavio is back serious when he mentioned the game show on Rai Uno. The Bailiff, in fact, has cited the late Fabrizio Frizzi, historical presenter of ‘The Legacy’. Insinna has spent some beautiful words for the fellow who died a few months ago doing to move Catherine.

Speaking of his new job, Insinna has repeatedly said that she never wanted to take the post of his colleague Fabrizio Frizzi. It is not the first time that the actor has confided in the tv and in the newspapers. After receiving a warm round of applause from the audience, ‘Come to me’, Flavio Insinna said this:

“If life were fair, on Monday to greet the public into the homes of the italians, there would have to be Fabrizio's not me”.

The statements of Flavio Insinna liked these, especially the tv presenter Caterina Balivo that you started to cry. The actor and presenter, has recalled the beautiful moments spent with Fabrizio Frizzi and hopes to be worthy to take his place in ‘The Legacy’.

To dampen the tones, Flavio has given a white handkerchief to the Bailiff to wipe away the tears. Later the artist was to ‘Come by me’ for the game of telephone and before going off he apologized to Catherine for making her cry.

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