Flavio Insinna confession: the Inheritance, love and depression...


Published on Apr 27, 2020


Flavio Insinna was a guest on Domenica In, conducted by Mara Venier, of course, by the remote video call. In this episode, has dealt with many themes that concern him in this period, but also in his past. It is mainly aimed at the difficult period we are all facing and how we are experiencing him in the first person. But it is also addressed to two members of his family that have been central to his life.

He confesses that he misses his mom and his sister, who now has not seen for a long time: “My mom is from another part with my sister.” He continued: “I Think of them every day, I think of those who have not had the chance to give a last farewell.” But his attention then shifts to the suffering of the Country: “my thought is the pain that they are living people.. things do not need to return to how it was: things should be better. A civilized Country must protect all, especially those most vulnerable: the elderly and disabled”.

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Then Flavio tackles another topic that was dear to him: The Inheritance. The editorial staff has chosen to televise reruns of the episodes, but this choice has been the object of many criticisms, especially on social. He is the first to admit indirectly the indiscretion. The program, meanwhile, should be back officially on the 4th of may and Mara Venier, she revealed: “We are working with Rai and the creators”. While “Next another” Paolo Bonolis will return on 3 may.

The conductor and actor Flavio Insinna has also unveiled the serious health problems and have been in care with the help of his father. There was a really delicate period of his life: “I was depressed, my father has made me heal a bit and I came out of it and a little bit no. There are those who say that if you have the scratch in their soul, or do the psychoanalyst, or doing the actor. I today I want to definitely more comfortable, and I have learned to always smile even without a reason to be happy!”.

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But to counteract a delicate moment in the life of Flavio Insinna there is Adriana Riccio, at his side since a very long time. The couple seems very plain, even if Flavio Insinna does not have the tendency never to let go of her private life. The companion is not part of the world of the show, but she works as instructor of Taekwondo and has participated at the World championships, where he won a bronze medal. Probably their first meeting was at your own Business, where she participated in by the competitor.

With Flavio Insinna guest to Sunday's Gabriele Cirilli. The comedian and the big star of This Show has revealed to Mara Venier Flavio Insinna “made me big brother” in a moment of his life where he had not a few economic problems. The master of the house of The Heritage spoke to Sunday's quote: “it is Not true, we helped each other”.

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