Flatbread club sandwich

Published on Jul 03, 2019

The flatbread club sandwich is a reinterpretation on the theme of the classic and well-known clubhouse sandwich. If you follow me you might remember that this is one of the sandwiches that I prefer... Well, this version with piadina instead of bread has nothing to envy to the original version. The procedure, also in this case, it is very simple, the ingredients are always the same... Therefore, if you really want a club sandwich, but there is no lack of bread, to know that you can solve very well by using in its place a couple of wraps 😉

Grill the bacon in a frying pan, slice the tomato and saute the chicken.

Heat the tortillas on a non-stick frying pan very hot, from both sides.
Wash the lettuce and prepare all of the ingredients in order to have them on hand because the cut is not cool.

Spread the mayonnaise over the entire surface of the tortillas, then add the salad, the chicken, the bacon and finally the tomatoes on half of piadina.

Close to half the free on that stuffed and cut in half.

Juxtaposed cloves stuffed and infilzateli with a skewer to keep them united, then serve immediately your flatbread club sandwich.


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