Flat bench 2020: how to choose the best bench, and how to train


Published on Apr 18, 2020


Flat bench 2020: how to choose the best bench, and how to train. If you want to build a gym at home there are a number of tools that are basic that you should just get. Don't have to spend excessively in equipment from the gym, you should instead work on the fundamentals, making very few purchases of well-targeted.

The flat bench is a tool not to be missed even in the gym. It is especially used by all those who love to tone the muscles of your body using dumbbells and barbells. Perfect for all the body but, in particular, the area of the pectoral muscles. Apparently, in fact, this is the best tool to train flawlessly for the pectoralis major.

In addition to the gym, the flat bench can be also chosen to do workouts at home. Does not have a prohibitive cost, it does not occupy too much space, and can also tone your muscles at home just as if you were in the gym.

Let's go together to discover, then, of all the most important features of the flat bench and the best way to exploit it for your workout.

In our short guide to the purchase we will give priority to three fundamental characteristics:

1 Yet

When you train at home in complete autonomy, it is imperative to give priority to safety. At the time of purchase make sure that the flat bench that you want to purchase is in the possession of a structure really very solid, maybe even with special feet for enhanced stability. In this way, you will ensure greater stability and you can work out in total safety.

Also, it is very important to remember to pay very careful attention to the maximum load that the flat bench is able to withstand.

2 Comfort

The safety during your workouts is essential, but also the comfort is not. Much better to opt for a bench with the cushions, well-padded, so it's very soft and make you feel comfortable during your workout strength. Also check the material in such a way as to avoid pillows that will make you sweat too much with the risk of sliding down while you exercise.

3 Convenience

The idea of a home gym is the dream of many sports, but we must all confront us with the fact that the space of the house is rather limited. In commerce there are two different types of bellies:

We advise you to check the size of the bench is to be open from closed so as to have the certainty that it is the perfect product for your home.

Most athletes choose to use the flat bench to train the pectorals. But not only that! The muscles can be involved in are many. Essentially it is possible to train in an intense manner and also triceps, front delts, lats and upper back, the trapezius and rhomboids. There is even the possibility to train your abs.

Flat bench with barbell or dumbbells?

If you are choosing your flat bench then you definitely should take into consideration the type of workout that you are to do: barbell or dumbbell? As first thing you must understand if you want to use the flat bench with the dumbbells because in this case the best choice is a bench that is maybe already in possession of a suitable accommodation for your handlebars, usually positioned underneath of the bench.

If instead you opt for the use of the flat bench with the barbell it is best to choose a version that is already in the possession of the rods on which to place it, so that you do not have to make additional expenses. Check in this case that it is possible to adjust the height of the accommodation of your balance, in order to achieve a fitness tool perfectly adaptable to your body shape.

When it comes to flat bench it is natural to view the classic bench flat can guarantee that only the flat position at 180°. Today, there are in commerce also of models of flat bench multi-function equipped with adjustable backrest. The special features of the flat bench multifunctional lies in its ability to adjust to different angles (from the flat position to 90 degrees).

The flat bench multifunctional is without any doubt the perfect choice for those that want to be able to give life to many different types of exercises and who want to be involved in the workout as many muscles as possible.

If you decide to buy a flat bench that is multifunctional, given that the backrest should be adjustable in various angles, it is essential to make sure that the adjustment is really simple and fast to do, even when you are already on the bench.

The models between which to choose are many, and differ in features and price. Let's see together the best models that will allow you to make a safe purchase and no regrets.

No frills, basic, but super stable and very comfortable. The backrest is more or less as wide as the benches of the regulations, namely 30 cm.
It is perfect to perform the flat bench. It is characterized by:

Cannot be bent, so be sure to have enough space. It is one of the pieces must have for those who want to train at home in a serious way and with consistency. Without spending a amount prohibitive there is a good flat bench that will allow you to vary your workout, intensified gradually you will feel stronger.

This bench is able to offer you the maximum comfort and is also very versatile because it can take different positions. It is perfect for those who do not have a lot of space available. The fact that it is foldable and storable allows you to save 50% of space when you are not using it.

The seat, with a thick padding and the ergonomic back offer maximum comfort. The support feet have a comfortable lining that helps the stability and avoids the risk of damaging the floor of the base.

The frame is heavy and very resistant, which allows this tool to last a long time.

York Fitness is a brand known and appreciated by all lovers of the gym for its reliability. The flat bench by York Fitness is designed for all those who want to turn their house into a gymnasium of all the effects, without occupying too much space.It is made of metal, wood and plastic and is comfortable and solid. The backrest can be adjusted in 5 different positions, with an inclination ranging from the classical flat position up to 90 degrees. The locations also are very simple to change: just move the slide bar support on the backrest. The back is padded and the seat has a comfortable cushion. The maximum capacity of the bench, York Fitness is 200 kg of weight. Very useful: the bench is equipped with a bag to store your weights.

The bench Gorilla Sports is the ideal choice for all lovers of weight lifting because it is very stable, comfortable and, not a small thing, is already in possession of a door-rocker. Thanks to the portabilanciere you can also adjust the rocker height.

The bench is very comfortable thanks to the padding. Very convenient the fact of being able to bend so as to be stored when not in use. The operation really requires a moment and is very simple. With regard to the training, we remind the possibility to tilt the bench so that different types of exercise, even without the use of the barbell.

The maximum load that can be reached from the bench, Gorilla Sports is 200 kg maximum.

Training with the flat bench is very useful, especially to suit the upper part of the body. The exercises you can perform are many and allow you to assemble a varied workout, easily adaptable to your level of training.

Exercises with the flat bench

ABS with the bench

Full body routine with the bench

Flat bench with dumbbells


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