Flashbook Editions, the outputs of the November 2019


Published on Sep 06, 2019


Author: Tsunami His Size: 12x18cm Pages: b/n Bookbinding: column
Price: 5,90€

Subaru Mikazuki is a young writer of detective stories who lives in solitude, when, at the time of the
high school, lost his parents in a car accident. The guy is living in a time of crisis. A
the day went on the grave of his parents, and it is there that he meets a kitten stray. The just
a look to wake in him the vein of inspiration and do not think twice to take the female
with him and bring it home in the role of “muse”. From this moment on, Haru, this is the name that will be given, will become part of his life rivoluzionandola completely. Here's the list gattofila the most adorable and awaited the moment: My Roommate Is a Cat, is also known for the recent and eponymous anime broadcast in Japan.

Author: Ranmaru Zariya Size: 12x18cm Pages: b/n Bookbinding: column
Price: 6,90€

Between Marlene, a young pianist, and Lili, a mysterious boy shy who loves to listen to his music in a nightclub, there is a strong attraction. In a report to them, which is struggling to take off because of the secret of Lili. In his veins flows the blood of the wolf, but the werewolves do not exist for the company. As if that weren't enough, chase, is in progress, a continuous struggle between men and werewolves because of a bloody event of the past. Only by revealing the true nature of Lili, between the two will begin a story of passion, love but also secrets and contrasts. By the talented mastery of Ranmaru Zariya, arrives in Italy COYOTE to one of the titles dark fantasy-the most followed at the moment.

Author: Daisuke Imai Size: 12x18cm Pages: b/n Bookbinding: column
Price: 5,90€

Following the meeting with the two gemelli, the chinese, and Yoko are born doubts. It will be right to continue to live as a “parasite” because of the society that has rejected, but above all it will be able to comply with the many rules in the world of “hiru”? To search for an answer, the young man decides to go back to her family, which does not seem at all touched to his presumed death. Face the ghosts of the past and, above all, that father who has always made to suffer, perhaps it will help you to choose the way to go...

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