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Published on Jul 19, 2018


Yuki Shimizu (author of the famous ZE, a title already known in Italy, thanks to Goen) has always had the gift to represent all the aspects of love, as well as has the ability to make you fall in love with the reader of his multi-faceted characters.

One thing that seems to not change even in Ka cho Fu getsu (The beauties of nature, the japanese title is a proverb), BL a bit more explicit than the ones normally proposed by the publisher, which will be presented in the classic books brossurati at a price of € 5,90.

In a small town where you know more or less all a day comes to take possession of the house inherited from his grandfather, “one of” the protagonists of this choral work. Itokawa, this is the name of the young, has the unpleasant surprise to find the house in a state of semi-abandonment. There is little choice but to roll up their sleeves and adapt, not easy considering the phobia for any insect species.

Living in the countryside was not a good idea but his is a choice dictated by the need to leave the house of her mother, newly remarried, which, after coming to the knowledge of his homosexuality, has not, however, change his attitude in their regard. On the contrary, his kindness becomes almost a burden to Itokawa, who feels sorry and guilty at the idea of not be able to give a real family.

Young and inexperienced of life, will find support and support in the knowledge of the doctor of the village, Hitomi Masataka, he also moved there recently. The man will reveal a dangerous marpione.

The first issue is scheduled for October 2018.

Flashbook Editions announces the Boy's Love Ka cho Fu getsu is




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