Flash is dead, Adobe will “turn off” in 2020


Published on Jul 25, 2017


Remember when they were released for the first iPhone? According to the critics, one of the biggest flaws was the absence of Adobe Flash support, which 10 years ago was virtually present on all web sites. Steve Jobs, however, hated it and had to defend several times his choice, and taken first of all for security reasons. Today, is the same as Adobe announce that Flash will cease to exist by 2020...

What was the most popular, widespread and powerful platform for web content will end to exist between the three years, as confirmed today by Adobe itself. If years ago the Flash Player was present on most of the web sites to manage interactive and multimedia content, today the Adobe plugin has virtually disappeared. The reasons for this are under the eyes of all: player is too heavy and slow, competition is much more flexible and light (someone said HMTL5?), but above all, many, many problems yet.

Adobe has confirmed that Flash support will end in 2020, when it will also end the distribution of the player. For this reason, the company encourages all those who create content with this player to migrate to other formats. Apple is working with Adobe to complete this transaction, by exploiting the company's technologies such as the WebKit Project.

Apple users have experienced a mobile web without Flash, since 2007, because it's never the iPhone and iPad have supported the player Adobe.

Someone will feel the lack?

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