Flash 5: the 100th episode will see the return of the historical bad guys


Published on Nov 01, 2018


The eighth episode of the fifth season of The Flash will be very significant, because it will be the 100th for the series: to commemorate the anniversary, the writers have decided to bring back in the series the old enemies of the sprinters Flash as the Anti-Flash, Zoom and Savitar. The voice Zoom in the original version, Tony Todd, commented on a DC World for the return of all these villain: “All of the bad sprinters are coming back and everyone wants a piece of Barry Allen”.

Also David Dastmalchian, interpreter of Abra Kadabra, he would like to return in the episode in the shoes of the character and is not excluded that, in the end, can't really do that.

Also this year, the series will participate in the crossover with the other DC series at The CW and, as we well know, has been orchestrated to introduce you to the best Batwoman, who will enter the full title in the Arrowverse a few months after the event, with its series of stand-alone. This is the first description of the character of Ruby Rose (as reported by That Hashtag Show):

“Kate is aware of how charismatic and dangerous when he enters a room full of people; whether he prefers to smile, the young Kane is physically and intellectually proud to be a woman, and openly gay. However, Kate still fights with his inner demons, dating back to the complicated relationship with his father and continue the fight to get his respect and trust. In the past aspired to have a brilliant military career and dreams sadly broken when it is expelled from West Point once you exit the closet, and despite this it has not prevented to become a fighter against crime, known by the name of Batwoman. Taking advantage of the fear in the criminals he fights, Kate clashes constantly with the complications of living a double life, both as a town and as a heroine of Gotham, and protect himself with the shield of the costume on crime-fighting, and being rather vulnerable in the situations romantic with other women.”
As we know, Tyler Hoechlin will dress up as Superman and bring with him of Lois Lane. Finally then, Oliver and Barry will have the chance to fight at the side of the Man of Steel, due to the presence of Clark for all three episodes of the crossover.

Earlier, interviewed by Digital Spy, some of the stars of the Arrowverse have tried to describe the event without going into all the details, stressing that this time you will learn more about psychology and personal history of the individual protagonists.

“I can't say much, but when I described the project I thought it was fantastic. Last year was an event of monumental, no one can achieve something greater, we will focus therefore on the psychology of the characters and their history” the words of Amell, which then underline the different approach to this crossover compared to that of last year.

“Kara during the seasons he was able to do funny jokes about Batman and his thought, I am curious to see how it will interact with the Batwoman” explains Melissa Benoist.

In addition to the presence of Gotham, Nora Fries, and Batwoman. As we have already seen, thanks to the poster (with Barry Allen as the hood of Green Arrow and Oliver Queen wears the suit of Sprinter Scarlet) the crossover Elseworlds, not only will take the name from the line of comics out of the continuity, but they will inspire them in all and for all, proposing the situations are decidedly unusual, as Barry Allen with a hood of Green Arrow and Oliver Queen with the suit of Sprinter Scarlet.

More of an alternate universe (and in part already introduced with the Multiverse and the Lands) and then, this time talking about an alternate timeline (although there are at the moment more details), and the presence of Monitors may be very significant: the actor chosen by The CW for she brought the character is LaMonica Garrett, who will therefore be in the role of the extraterrestrial has a great power, Mar Novu (called Monitor). In the comics, the character was created (by Marv Wolfman and George Perez in 1982) to orchestrate the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, combining the heroes of the Multiverse to face the wave of anti-matter the Anti-Monitor.

In the pictures came from the set, there is space for a first look at the character:

NEW BLOG#Arrow shoots scenes for the #Elseworlds crossover episode.
Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin, Melissa Benoist, John Wesley Shipp and Lamonica Garrett shooting scenes #Supergirl #MysteryGuy #Spoilers #TheMonitor

— Canadagraphs (@canadagraphs) October 23, 2018

Always from the set, get the image, who see Amell in the role (literally) of Flash with John Wesley Shipp (Jay Garrick), where we see the new costume, a clear tribute to the one of the years ’90 worn just by Shipp in the previous tv series dedicated to the Sprinter Scarlet. It is not clear whether, having regard to the possibilities opened up by Elseworlds, Shipp will have a role like Jay Garrick, or as some of the other speedsters.

Who said you should never meet your heroes?

— Stephen Amell (@StephenAmell) October 23, 2018

After seven years, this just might be the coolest thing we've ever [email protected]

— Marc Guggenheim (@mguggenheim) October 23, 2018


Flash 5: the 100th episode will see the return of the historical bad guys is




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