Five-year plan of Reading Fantasy: 2018-2023


Published on Aug 28, 2018


The focus of a book that ignites the mind can melt the cold of the marble, the hot here is my five-year Plan of reading fantasy for the next shine!

Wisdom inherited from our ancestors! Be glorious, oh fantasy, we are proud for you!
Wide spaces for dreams and for lives is opened to us for the years to come.
Our fidelity to the Fantasy gives us strength.
So it was, so it is and so it will always be!
Be glorious, our free to fantasize, eternal union of fraternal peoples, the wisdom inherited from our ancestors!
Be glorious, oh fantasy, we are proud for you!

I just turned 40 years old. Porcap****na: 40 years... and who would have ever thought?

I still remember when it seemed absurd that a time would come 2000 and I would have had the ugliness of 22 years! 2000... the future of the stories... Today, the 2000 is so much in the past that those that once was around is because they were born in those years“, But who know the two thousand?”) are large enough to make fun of those of the generation after... it is hard to believe...

I leave aside the meditations on love, the sense of time that unfolds inexorably away, the sand that escapes from the punch without even realising it... to throw it in the middle of a simple narrative program.

In recent years, I ground a lot of books of various topics: many essays, a little bit science fiction, a little horror, so weird... that was my main passion, the FANTASY, is over a bit by the wayside.

That's why, also thanks to the consultancy with Masa Porters, one of the greatest Italian experts of the genre, I decided to draw up a five-year Plan of Reading Fantasy for the gap.

And since they are (as said above) a 40-year-old, I used a sheet of book to write my list, now I'm going to bring it as is.

As you can see, there is a part of the second sheet still free, for your advice: what do I suggest?

PS: many of its books I have already read them, eh... but it is the time of the second (and final) reading, the first of the tomb.

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