Five countries call for the integration of a backdoor for the services to be encrypted


Published on Sep 04, 2018


Five nations, including the United States and the United Kingdom, have urged the technology companies create backdoors in their services encrypted, or face legislation that will require them to do so by law.

The declaration is the result of a meeting last week between the countries of the “Five Eyes”, which includes the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

In a note published online, the governments claim that the use of such a backdoor for access to encrypted data would respect the personal rights and privacy, and that will be limited only to criminal investigations by the police:

Privacy laws should prevent arbitrary interference or illegal, but privacy is not absolute. Is a principle established that the government authorities should be able to have access to information that is otherwise private, when a judicial authority or an independent authority has authorized such access on the basis of legal standards established. The same principles have long allowed the government authorities to search for inside of homes, vehicles, and personal effects with a legal authority to be valid.

The memo continues to note that each of the jurisdictions of the countries of the Five Eyes will evaluate how to implement the principles contained in this statement, hoping the voluntary cooperation of the industry partners. Otherwise, the integration of a backdoor in the services that are encrypted may be set by law.

The british government has long advocated that the online channels that are encrypted such as WhatsApp and Telegram to provide a “safe haven” for terrorists, because the governments and even the companies that host the services can't read them.

In 2016, Apple and the FBI were involved in a dispute public when the company said it is unable to access to the data contained in the iPhone of the terrorist of San Bernardino.

The road is still long, but most times, technology companies have explained how the creation of a backdoor would put at serious risk the safety of all users.

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