Fitness breakfast: many healthy ideas to help your workouts


Published on May 01, 2020


Fitness breakfast: many healthy ideas to help your workouts. The breakfast is a great meal and must be in line with your healthy lifestyle and fitness. A workout if done with consistency, will certainly give the right results. However, it is true that the objectives will be reached more quickly and the results will be better if you can associate a healthy diet.

Everyone knows that a healthy breakfast is the best way to start the day well, but then, almost all, do not know what to eat. A little bit of habit we tend to always choose the same things as the classic croissant and cappuccino. Just as often, due to lack of time we tend to eat packaged food often too rich in fat and sugar or too refined. At other times, to stop us is simply the lack of ideas. Then there are those who think that a breakfast fit should necessarily include only cbi sad as egg whites and crackers, but that is not the case!

We therefore seek to better understand what and how much to eat, especially in the case of sport.

The breakfast, on average, should cover about 15-20% of the total daily caloric intake. If, for example, you have an energy intake of 2000 Kcal, the your breakfast, you will have 300 – 400 calories. If you then do sports in the morning can afford to increase a little bit the calories. Let's try to clarify first and most important point: you must train fast or is it better to do before breakfast? Without entering into technicalities, we can summarize the matter by saying that... “it depends.” But what, you may ask? From the habits, rhythms of life, by how you react your body. There are those who train fasted to burn more and who can not even lift an eyelid without first having breakfast, let alone a handlebar!

Calculating the fact that most of us is not a professional athlete (in that case, it is good to be followed by a sports nutritionist and follow his directions) I would say that we can absolutely afford to indulge our preferences. If you to get results in the shortest possible time we go to destroy completely our habits we will achieve just the opposite effect to that intended: there stuferemo to death and molleremo all.

The ideal breakfast should be healthy, tasty and satisfying. You must provide us with the necessary energy to train and to face the rest of the day. To make this a good breakfast will have to have the right intake of micronutrients and to relate also to the macronutrients of the rest of the day. It will then be important to prefer healthy foods such as whole grains, fresh fruit and dried fruit, yogurt with a few sugars, good fats, eggs,...

Not all athletes have the same goals: there are those who must regain the weight, who should lose weight, those who must take weight and those who want to, instead, increase lean muscle mass. It is important that our breakfast is adequate to the objectives to be achieved.

In the phase of mass we can grant us a greater consumption of carbohydrates leading up to 50-60% of the demand depending on the nutritional plan followed. The fat will therefore be a 15-25%, while the protein will settle themselves on 20-25%.

In this case, the board is to include in your breakfast foods such as whole-wheat bread, pancakes, light, low-sugar, porridge oats. For the fats will be good avocado, a drizzle of olive oil, the salmon (if you like salty breakfast), dried fruit. Proteins are excellent Greek yogurts, cold meats like bresaola or turkey breast or protein powder.

Here are some healthy recipes and light, ideal for your breakfast, click on the image to see the recipe!:

We present the basic recipe to make great Pancakes Light.

The pancakes are like the pancakes high about 5/6 mm, mostly in north America. Quickly you are also popular in Europe where they have seen modified ingredients and procedures.

Generally the pancakes are prepared for breakfast, accompanied by maple syrup, or other syrups. No less frequently are accompanied by fresh fruit or yogurt to make the meal more complete, and start the day in the best of ways.

The recipe that we present today is that of the pancake light or lighter than a traditional recipe but one that gives satisfaction and taste, both for breakfast and for a snack in front of a hot cup of tea. Being a basic recipe can be adjusted to your liking by substituting or adding ingredients according to our needs and tastes.
















The porridge is a dish typical anglo-saxon compound from oats boiled in water, milk, or both, in the past it was prepared for special occasions, being a preparation which is very long, in fact, the grains of oats were put to soak the day before then cooked the next day. Today, however, with the advent of the flakes is prepared in a few minutes, even in the usa, England and Scotland are very popular flakes to cooking instant.

But why is it so appreciated? well let's talk about a dish with a good power energy, which can be customized according to your tastes with the addition of any thing, it has a good satiating effect and does not raise blood sugar so it helps to get to the main meal without too much hunger.

The properties of this cereal are multiple: it helps to lower the cholesterol ‘bad’, has a minor amount of carbohydrates, a good source of protein and fat, a good amount of minerals and fiber, finally, it says that it is consumed with regularity can combat the water retention. It is very suitable for sports enthusiasts and those following healthy eating or nutrition. Ps: nutritional values refer only to the base, each addition should be calculated, the photos are only indicative.

















A sweet bread-banana good and healthy. The banana bread is great for breakfast, spread with peanut butter, jam or natural, but also for the snack. Also, this cake has the advantage of being able to be prepared at the beginning of the week for most breakfasts. Perfect for those who have little time to cook.
















If you're under a low-calorie, or still in the design stage, you'll need to reduce calories, without, however, skip breakfast. You will likely need to be careful not to overdo the carbo. To be able to satisfy without excess calories or breaking up the proportion of carbohydrates foods that are ideal are: Greek yogurt, fresh fruit or dried fruit, peanut butter, eggs, protein shakes, cold cuts. You can not do less than eat milk and cookies? Better to opt for good biscuits light!

Here are some recipes for light and healthy but super tasty!

Chia seeds are rich in fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6, are a good source of vegetable protein, have a very high amount of fiber, in fact, able to retain large quantities of liquids, tripling its size, forming the famous gel that makes them, have a good amount of minerals, phosphorus, magnesium and iron.
Does not contain sugar or salt and for all of these reasons, they are consumed by sportsmen. The preparation is really simple, in fact, it takes only 3 ingredients to accomplish it, food lovers overnight, or raw food can not have it escape. Let's talk about the ingredients i.e. milk, chia seeds and sweetener.

The cake protein is a viable option in the case in which there are cravings for sweets, and do not want to drive overdriven our diet. Notwithstanding the fact that the cake is food allowed in the diet a normal day, we always try to prepare it in the key light. Of course if you have particular diseases, always follow the directions of your doctor and a dietitian that will show you the correct power supply.

The pie that we want to propose you is light, and at the same time wants to give a greater amount of protein. But because the proteins have a great importance in low-calorie diets or high-protein?

The protein powder will assume an important role if you cannot, with only the food to reach the amount of protein you want. They play a fundamental role in post-training, when the trained muscles urgently need nutrients to rebuild. Are also a good break fame, why they are valued in the high-protein diets such as the Dukan. Do not forget that they are tasty and easy-to-use. Can be carried around easily and used at any time. Are highly versatile in the preparation, thanks to the various flavors available in the market.




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