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Published on Mar 04, 2018


After you have reviewed the VeryFitPro of MPOW, today we will talk about another fitness band produced by the same company with a design more elegant and minimalist, a smaller display and many functions.

It is a bracelet intelligent waterproof IP67 that can track heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, sleep quality and much more. It is therefore a good tool for improving your life style.

Not only physical activity, but also sleep monitoring. It is a Race with heart rate monitor enabled very useful during training to avoid going under stress, and reach the pulsations are too high.

Mpow BandDesay Electronics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd.Free

Along with the bracelet, is also available as an application you can install on iOS or Android. All the data is synced via Bluetooth to plot graphs and display all the information in a detailed manner.

The fitness band can also vibrate to provide us with feedback as push notifications of certain apps, messages, email, call, or alarm with snooze.

It fully recharges via a connector that is magnetic in just 1-2 hours. Autonomy to exceed 15 days with a single charge when the heart rate monitor is not set to “always on” but “on request”.

The screen is hidden, as well as the “home” button is recognizable by a small circle. It's really very small and are usually sold at 32,99€ on Amazon, but we will offer you a special Coupon, valid until the 8th March, that allows you to purchase it with over 11€ discount for a total of 21,44€. All you have to do is enter the code “CD9TVGD3” directly on Amazon after you have entered the product in the shopping cart and the price will drop to 21,44€.

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