Fit Box: what is it and what are the benefits for the physical


Published on May 12, 2020


Fit Box: what is it and what are the benefits for the physical? We have seen that, to achieve any result in sports, what counts is constancy. Therefore, it becomes important to be able to find a type of training suited to their tastes and that fit a little to what we like and, above all, to that to which we are predisposed.

For example, if you love the dance, the graceful movements and control of the body, but hate the strength exercises you might think to follow a course of barre workout. If, instead, you want to sweat and challenge your every muscle by lifting loads heavier and heavier, the gym is your kingdom.

You love dancing and sweat, the water of baptism? You may want to try a Zumba class! If, on the contrary, you are in a meditative and is looking for a physical, but also mental, the advice is to try yoga.

As you can see for yourself, the possibilities are endless! It is all about having the basics necessary for you to choose from. That's why we thought we'd tell you about the fit box: there are not many to get to know her but has a lot of potential and could be the type of workot you were waiting for.

The Fit Box is a sport that is practiced to the rhythm of music and consists in bringing the techniques of arms and legs on a lot or in a vacuum. You are going to work by performing combinations of punches, kicks and elbow or knee strikes, but always in total safety. The fit boxing takes its cue from boxing and the kick boxing and muay thai, without, however, entering into contact with an opponent. The fit boxing it is not among the combat sports, and there are no opponents; shots are taken only against a specific lot or, at the limit, against a pair of gloves as a training partner

The fit boxing is a discipline that was born in the United States but that is going to sell a growing success also in Italy. Allows you to burn a lot of calories and works all the muscles of the body. Today there are many Italian gyms where you can practice this fun sport.

But for those who fit the fit box? We recommend to those who:

Now that we understand what it is and who it is suitable, let us try to understand what are all the benefits of this type of physical activity.

We put together everything you need to be able to train with a course (or video workout) to fit the box:

The fit box is a type of training that is well-suited to different levels of training. A basic course can adapt easily even to a beginner who, until recently, was totally sedentary. The only risk is closely related to the practice of fit boxing, is that of the trauma. The trauma in the fit box do not happen for the hits it has received since, as we have seen, does not play any type of fighting, but rather because of the blows executed badly against the lot. In addition to this, it is almost taken for granted that, to practice Fit the Box, it is important to have a good physical condition of the base, and you must not have physical problems prior. I am referring, especially, to problems of arthritis, tendon or cardiovascular.

If you want to practice fit boxing in the comfort of your home and you just need to start the videos that we have selected for you and let off steam against the lot from the box. The bags fit boxing use in your home are characterized by the fact that it's not hanging but resting on a plastic base, which you can fill with water or sand.

The advice is to workout in the home only after having taken at least some lessons with an instructor prepared able to teach you the proper techniques for hitting the bag without risking injuries.

The first video that we offer has a shelf life of about half an hour and can be followed safely even without the benefit of a lot to Fit Box. In this way, you can also work out at home without taking courses and without, however, risking injury.

The second video requires, instead, the classic bag, Fit Box and has a shelf life of about 25 minutes. Ready for the challenge?

The third proposal, sponsored by Adidas, with a training HIIT super intense with a duration of 17 minutes and inspired the Fit Box.

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