Firefox Focus: browse without advertisements and pop-ups

Published on Sep 05, 2017

Tired of having to navigate always with annoying pop-ups, banners and advertising intrusive? You want to navigate in absolute tranquillity without being tracked? In addition to the classic ad-blocker, that, behold, there is help Firefox the Focus.

It stands out from all the other web browsers because the goal for which it was created is to protect the privacy of the user. It is proposed, therefore, as a browser for private browsing, can block every type of tracking. Allows us to navigate without encountering any advertising and without any tracer, as for example the banner and social buttons.

Let's see in detail how it works Firefox Focus.

The browser is available for both iOS and Android. Let's start by saying that this is not a browser always be used, as the default, as it does not save history, does not allow us to browse in multiple tabs and, furthermore, does not allow us to save sites bookmarks. However, it is very well designed to offer a navigation in complete safety.

Focus is then designed specifically for the dinghy which we do not want a trace on any website.

First of all, then, we need to install the version of the browser to the operating system.

Just opened, we will be confronted with a screen very simple. There will be only the search bar and a button to access the settings. Inside the search bar, enter the address for the site visit. In fact, every site should be opened by typing in your address.

We can do our research, normally with Google set as default search engine. With security, however, to browse in peace. In addition, all cookies are blocked, and all ads and various banners are deleted. The browsing experience is great because the websites are loaded at the moment, being free of advertising and banner.

Once you have finished browsing, simply close the browser and the history will be deleted automatically. Or while we browse the internet we can click on the Delete button, and we will be brought back to the main page and the history will be deleted.

In the settings you can change the default search engine. We can also pick and choose which elements to block. For example, if we want to block only the advertising and display other items.

Then it is a browser to use in a given situation, and not as the default browser. In fact, you may experience some problems related to the display of certain content, such as videos. Therefore we recommend to use it only when absolutely necessary.

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