Firefox 12.1, many new features for the download


Published on Jun 13, 2018


Arrives on the App Store an important update of the browser Mozilla Firefox. Here's the news.

Firefox for the iPhone includes features and very interesting features, customizable to your liking, smarter, and faster. Mozilla offers a customized solution for each user, adapts perfectly to all needs. The development of functions, “intelligent” allows you to surf the web way faster, thus improving the general experience of use. As stated by the authors themselves, the Firefox for iPhone is able to anticipate your needs, offering you an intuitive way to tips and targeted results based on previous searches. In addition, it is possible to have access to a series of shortcuts to use the various search engines, including Wikipedia, Twitter and Amazon.

With this new version, the extensions to the share are all accessible from a single point, allowing the easy opening links from other applications in Firefox. You can also add shared content to Bookmarks or to reading List. Also, you can now access your synced devices and manage them directly from the menu.

Finally, support has been added to download files on your device and share them with other applications. The downloaded files are accessible from the file manager integrated.

All interested parties can proceed with the free download of the app by clicking here: Link App Store – FREE Price!

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