Fire KyoAni, slide the transmission of Fire Force ep 3 and the trailer for the new film Free


Published on Jul 18, 2019


Out of respect for the victims of the arson on Thursday 18 July 2019 hit the building of the headquarters of the studio 1 of Kyoto Animation, the official website of the animated series comes from the manga Fire Force of Atsushi Ohkubo announced the decision to postpone the broadcast and streaming of the third episode of the anime (scheduled for Friday 20 July at 19:40 Italian).

Yamato Animation, that takes care of the simulcast of the series in our Country, has not been made known if such a decision will also cover the distribution in Italy.

Moreover, it has been cancelled the screening of the new trailer for the upcoming animated film of the series Free!, scheduled for Friday, July 19.

The has announced the official Twitter account of the series, asking for the understanding of the fans:

明日7/19(金)より最新Verとなる予定でした"2020 夏"続報について、公開を中止とさせて頂きます。何卒ご了承賜れますと幸いに存じます。

— "Free!"シリーズ公式 (@iwatobi_sc) July 18, 2019

The release of the film, produced by Kyoto Animation and Animation DO, is expected in Japan during the summer of 2020.

Freely adapted from the light novel High Speed by Koji Ouji, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club debuted in the summer 2013 season (12 episodes); the next year was produced the second series, Free! – Eternal Summer (13 episodes; the third, Free!- Dive to the Future (12 episodes), aired between July and September 2018.

The animated series, plus the animated movie High Speed! -Free! Starting Days (2015), Free! – Timeless Medley – Kizuna (April 2017), Free! – Timeless Medley - Yakusoku (July 2017), Free! – Take Your Marks (October 2017) and Free! Road to the World – Yume (5 July 2019).

In Italy, the animated series for Free! are available on Crunchyroll.

Fire KyoAni, slide the transmission of Fire Force ep 3 and the trailer of the new film for Free is




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