Fire Force: a new type of Pyrokinetic!


Published on Sep 22, 2019


In the most recent installment in the souls of Fire Force, here you can find my review, it has been shown a character that we already could see in the previous episodes in action, and it was on this occasion that we could see it in action and discover that it is a type of Pyrokinetic unprecedented up to this point!

ALERT, SPOILER ALERT! follow the spoilers on episode 11 of the anime of the Fire Force.


Benimaru Shinmon is the Captain of the Seventh Brigade and is considered the firefighter is the most strong of the Fire Force. The characteristic that has earned him this title is the fact that it possesses the rare trait of being a sort of hybrid between the Second and Third Generation, which means that Benimaru is able to control the flames generated by an external source such as the Pirocineti of the Second Generation that give life voluntarily to his own flames as the Pirocineti of the Third Generation. This duality is also well represented by his eyes, whose pupils are different from each other:

Benimaru is known as the “King of the destruction of Asakusa” because of the devastating power that is capable of unleashing. As to his fighting techniques, Benimaru uses mainly as a weapon to combat the matoi, a flag that was used in Japan during the edo period by the fire brigade indicate the fire that developed within or in the vicinity of a building, thanks to which you can turn on and check the flames on it, but Benimaru can also use the matoi as a pole to give the upward thrust, and fly in the direction of areas very far apart, and, using her skills of the Second Generation, can control the flames of others matoi turned on and direct it towards a specific place or target.

In addition, you can control the direction and speed of the projectiles in the same manner of Takehisa Hinawa, Commander of the Eighth Brigade, and is also highly trained in melee combat.

As we could only have a small glimpse of the real potential of Benimaru Shinmon, it is already evident that has earned the nickname of “fireman stronger”, so all that remains is to wait for the next episodes of Fire Force to find out other interesting details that pertain to it.

I remind you finally that the animated series of the Fire Force will break because of the broadcasts of the World Championships in Athletics in Doha, as you can read in our article.

The souls of the Fire Force is distributed in a totally legal and FREE here in Italy through the official Youtube channel of Yamato Animation. I remember, finally, that the series will be composed of a total of 24 episodes, and that the same will be available each Friday starting from 19:25.




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