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Published on Dec 07, 2019


Just moved to the inside of the Nether, the fire brigade of the Eighth Special Brigade of the Fire Force find themselves struggling with different battles, because as we could see in the previous episode, here you can find my review, thanks to the evasive action to the followers of the Prophet that are there have managed to separate the boys.


As much as these two characters are certainly not the only ones involved in the collisions, one against the other, the great protagonists of the episode are the two snipers of opposing factions, or Arrow, and the Lieutenant of the Eighth Brigade, Takehisa Hinawa.

We have already had the opportunity to see it in action Arrow with his arrows of fire, and we know how much they can be dangerous and lethal. However, his opponent this time, too, knows his business.

Shots that the two inflict on one another are nothing short of devastating, and it seems almost impossible that they are able to withstand such firepower. And yet, between one explosion and the other two have also to speak briefly between them, discovering even have something in common...

Both, in fact, argue that “when you belong to an organization, the personal feelings lose importance“, to quote the exact words spoken by the Lieutenant Takehisa Hinawa.

With these words, the meaning of which is shared by Arrow, Hinawa argues for the fact that, the greater good, represented by the will to advance the organization to which one belongs, no matter if it is the Fire Force, or the White Capes, is and must be above of the will and aspirations of the individual.

Because of the devotion of unconditional to their cause, the two snipers are fighting until the end of his strength. but who will have the better.


The other big revelation of the episode the most recent Fire Force is the young Arthur,who always likes to describe itself as a great Knight.

Now, however, have changed a bit for things for the firefighter, blond-haired: during the episode, you can see the way in which Benimaru has trained to perceive the breath of life into his opponents, a technique that requires the utmost concentration, and that certainly is very useful in a combat against Mirage, which aims to destabilize the enemy with her illusions.

Therefore, to the skill of the swordsman that make Arthur a Knight now, are also added to those related to concentration and to the analysis of the surrounding environment, typical of the Samurai. Now, Arthur has become, to use his own definition, taken from the classic Role-playing Games, a multiclass.

However, even if this moment should outweigh the strategic component of the Samurai, Arthur is not so willing to give up his qualification of a Knight, or at least put it in the background, for which you grant a few moments to think if you precede the name Knight to the Samurai and vice versa.

That said, the teachings of Benimaru have found the ground more fertile in this bizarre firefighter, and see which way puts them in practice will leave you with your mouth open. Now Artur is no longer the kid can fight only if you feel a true Rider and that goes into a panic when this feature is less; now, Arthur is a fighter multiclass.


Another interesting section of this episode of Fire Force sees as protagonist John, who seems to have his good reasons to follow the Prophet.

According to his words, the Prophet knows all the secrets behind the mysterious events that are ravaging the planet and human society, primarily the true nature of the insects is able to create the Fire and the reasons due to which human beings have started to take fire spontaneously.

Of course, John does not reveal anything to his enemies (and, consequently, to us, the audience) for which to find out can do is wait for the next episodes of Fire Force.

The souls of the Fire Force is distributed in a totally legal and FREE here in Italy through the official Youtube channel of Yamato Animation. I remember, finally, that the series will be composed of a total of 24 episodes, and that the same will be available each Friday starting from 19:25.

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