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Published on Nov 23, 2019


This time, the episode of the Fire Force is divided into two parts: in the first, which serves as an introduction, we continue in the narrative mythology of the dummy on which it is based on the anime, while in the second, there is the body of true of the episode; there is, therefore, after the initials of the tail of the anime, any type of scene additional.

That said, during the course of this episode, you'll see ways in which it may be possible for the fire department of the Eighth Brigade of the Fire Force to improve and enhance their skills.


For as all in all, Fire Force efforts to insert some of the original elements or unusual in its narrative, remains all in all a shonen battle rather classic, and as the vast majority of manga and anime that belong to this genre, and inspire you in some points of the structure of works like Dragon Ball, an item that can't miss are the upgrades.

Since this is a topos rather common in the genre, I'm not surprised some is also present in the Fire Force, but the problem is that, just because we see them practically everywhere, and the power-ups have lost a little bit of their charm.

As for our Game, then, this is not anything especially original, but in the economy of his story with the advice that will be provided will certainly be very useful, especially if he wants to protect his younger brother.

Shinra, however, is not the only firefighter who can enhance their powers, and also the help of a blacksmith exceptional as Vulcan will be very valuable.


During a meeting of the Captains and of the representatives of the First, Fifth, Seventh, and Eighth Brigade, which now collaborate to seek the White Capes to the following of the Prophet and of the reasons which push them to create artificially set on Fire, you come to the conclusion that, if it is true that the recruits of the Eighth Brigade are very strong, it is also true that they have very little experience in the field.

In short, therefore, the boys have a great potential, but without knowing how to get the best of it may continue to have serious problems during fights.

She and Arthur have a master to be really exceptional for your workouts: this is Benimaru, the Captain of the Seventh Brigade, considered to be the firefighter is stronger among all. And with good reason.

Benimaru is a pyrokinetic that can both manipulate (the Second Generation) that create (the Third Generation) the fire, and is incredibly proficient in making both the things: who better than him can help the recruits of the Eighth Brigade?

This could also be a good opportunity for the two boys to learn to cooperate on the field of battle, what, this, that, as we well know, the two are not almost anything can do.

Their absence has already created their problems in the past, because instead of coordinating their actions to oppose the common enemies very often She and Arthur give the best of themselves by trying to put sticks in the wheels of the story: now, it is time to learn how to collaborate, if you do not want to risk their lives and those of those who, instead, want to and must protect.

The souls of the Fire Force is distributed in a totally legal and FREE here in Italy through the official Youtube channel of Yamato Animation. I remember, finally, that the series will be composed of a total of 24 episodes, and that the same will be available each Friday starting from 19:25.

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