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Published on Nov 09, 2019


From one week to the souls of Fire Force has entered a new phase, this event is also underlined by the fact that they changed the abbreviations of the opening and closing of the same.

Also, I advise you to pay great attention to the very first scenes, because it will throw new light on the origins of the mythology for dummy, on which is based this intriguing work.

Now we are learning about a number of new characters, especially the Vulcan, a skillful blacksmith whose creations in the steampunk style are really stunning, in spite of the pieces that use to be only mere scraps.

In this episode, though, the guy will find himself faced with a series of events that are totally unexpected to him, as if he will get Vulcan? And, in the end, will decide to enter to make part of the Eighth Brigade, or would prefer to continue to live his life with his family captured?


As we already know, the father and grandfather of Vulcan have eprso life, according to the guy by the hand of John, the Captain of the Third Brigade of the Fire Force, and a former apprentice of his family.

Because of this, when he had the chance to re-create the bonds that for him were similar to those that hold you together as a true family, Vulcan has chosen to cultivate them, and living a life all in all quiet.

Unfortunately for him, however, John never gave it up, and if on the one hand, has proposed several times to join his Brigade with the good, on the other, in reality, has not hesitated for a single instant, to block all of its supplies, to force him to accept the proposal with the bad.

Vulcan, therefore, lives a very sensitive situation, but his luck is not alone, more so now that three members of the Eighth Brigade of the Fire Force are there. And it seems that their timing was really perfect!


I don't like to ever do spoilers in my reviews, and I will not make an exception even in this case, I will tell you only that things are not as they seem: in the course of the episode, you will discover in fact some very interesting details concerning the role of Giovanni, thanks to which you can better understand how I ever decided to go so hard against the Vulcan.

As she said the same guy, the one who has been wronged and who is full of anger, pain and hatred of the Fire Force and heavy industries Haijima is him, so what was John's reason you try so hard to do him harm?

John, of course, is not alone in this war to Vulcan, but I assure you that you will be really out of juice, when you will discover...

That said, you will also discover the secret of the strength of Arthur, and I assure you that you will enjoy yourself very much enjoying the scenes that see him as a great hero, despite the fact the guy is certainly in danger. But Arthur is the largest of the knights, what could possibly go wrong?

And Shinra? Well, of course, will have a role of primary importance to our Footsteps as a Demon, but in this case I'll let you discover it yourself.

The situation becomes increasingly complex and twisted, revealing a plot more complex and more convoluted than it could seem in the very first episodes.

Fire Force is not only a shonen fighting with the fire where it explodes literally everything (which, however, would already make it a pleasure to people like me that loves the fire), but it is also a work that wants people to reflect on discrimination, on the will to struggle against an adverse fate, and the opinion also bad that people may have of us, on the ambiguity of the messages of any religion, that can be interpreted in a way diametrically opposed to generating conflict, pain, suffering, and death, and on the importance of cultivating your passions and strive to become what you want.

The souls of the Fire Force is distributed in a totally legal and FREE here in Italy through the official Youtube channel of Yamato Animation. I remember, finally, that the series will be composed of a total of 24 episodes, and that the same will be available each Friday starting from 19:25.

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