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Published on Nov 02, 2019


Really much meat to the fire in this latest episode of the Fire Force, ranging from the presentation of some of the men of the Prophet to a new member of the science team, to finish with a blacksmith.


Some of those who follow the dictates of the Prophet, and share with him his vision of the religion of the God Sol are shown in the face, with your name and role within this organization, which now also has a name: it is the Order of the Flame Cinerea.

Of course, at the moment its purposes are still obscure, but it is clear that he is preparing to get back in action soon, according to the words of his commander, an individual that will surely be familiar to the spectators, fans of this anime...

S. C. I. E. N. C. E.

As we already know, the Eighth Brigade of the Fire Force does not have fixed members that are part of a scientific team; sure, they can now count on the support of the Captain of the Fifth Brigade, but they certainly cannot continue to depend so by another team, and it is for this reason that the heavy industries Haijima, which fund the project, Fire Force, have decided to send at the Eighth Brigade, a scientist, a very young, but impressive resume.

Now, however, the guys will ask different questions, and you will be a person 100% reliable? Or this new scientist as soon as he arrived, he think of something? We know that the Eighth Brigade was formed to investigate in great secrecy on the other, and this is certainly not the information which the Haijima is not aware of: and if this scientist had the task of “controlling the controllers”, or, worse still, to take advantage of the Eighth Brigade of the Fire Force for who knows what purposes secret, in the name of the heavy industries for which it works?


Another big problem for the more recent teams of firefighters within the Fire Force is the lack of a good sapper, which should have the task to keep under control the machinery, equipment and vehicles to make sure that work is always at its best and, in the event of problems, you should be able to make the necessary changes or improvements requested from his job as a maintainer.

There is, however, a person that could be right for them... The problem, however, is that it is someone that hates deeply the Fire Force that the heavy industries Haijima, for which recruiting will be a feat virtually impossible; moreover, the different Brigades, including the Eighth, have tried to make sure the services of this locksmith so creative and clever, but on failing everyone miserably.

However, it does not harm to try, to which Shinra, Sister Iris and Arthur are sent from Vulcan, the name definitely suited for a blacksmith, as taken from the religion of classical rome, in which the Volcano is the God of fire and destroyer, as well as the most skillful blacksmith Of the gods.

During the scenes of the presentation of this character, you will begin to understand how deep are the roots of his hatred for the Fire Force and the Haijima, but you will also discover that, as much as this guy may seem grumpy and rude, which in reality has a good heart that houses a big dream, and there I will speak explicitly to let you find out for yourself, but I can tell you that it is a subject that is definitely very current, and that the scenes in which Vulcan will talk about his dream, and he will show the children of the Eighth Brigade are really very touching, and visually definitely fascinating.

The souls of the Fire Force is distributed in a totally legal and FREE here in Italy through the official Youtube channel of Yamato Animation. I remember, finally, that the series will be composed of a total of 24 episodes, and that the same will be available each Friday starting from 19:25.

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