Fiorello: “I Do Sanremo 2021 with Amadeus and I close the career”


Published on May 06, 2020


Amadeus and Fiorello they chatted a little in a direct Instagram, joked and had fun, then at the end of the direct, Fiorello reminded Sanremo 2020, making a prediction on what is planned for the next year: “I Do Sanremo and close the career”. Edition 2021 is nearly final, but may be a greeting of Fiorello on television?

“Maybe it's the last thing”. This is his declaration. It was ironic, or has announced a farewell? One thing is certain: next year will meet again in Sanremo 2021 the couple Amadeus-Fiorello, the “Amarello”. This year the two have animated the ligurian town, the public of all Italy was thrilled and amused when as yet there was no emergency coronavirus to worry the country.

Fiorello joking about step 2 on Twitter: “But in the end the over 60 years olds?”...

Fiorello: “the Second edition of Sanremo? Amadeus is a fool”

“What do I do? It is heavy to do Sanremo... You say all the colors... I don't have the right font, yet I did. Amadeus has convinced me and will convince me well this time... Might be the last thing. I do Sanremo, as it goes, and close the career. Mica I have to go on for up to 80 years. I did well too. Way for the young people. Close it and move on.” These are the exact words of the comedian and.

Waiting to find out if this is the intention, the audience is already dreaming of a Amedeus Bis in Sanremo 2021, with the friend “Ciuri” at his side once again on the stage. All admitted that the event is conducted in a regular manner, consistent with the trend of the pandemic.

Amadeus ready to do an encore at the Festival of Sanremo? Here are the clues

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Apart from this period, the direct was conducted by the irony and the fun of the couple. Between one joke and another, also a hilarious memory of Fiorello scandal of Bugo and Morgan, with the text changed to “True”, the escape of the first and the consequent disqualification: “I was there behind-the-scenes, quiet, ate and relaxed. At a certain point, one of the authors, Clericetti, that says to me, ‘something happened!’. Since he had heard it wrong the assistant in the studio, I thought that if he had heard wrong another! They are joined on stage with this conviction, you were in a panic. To this I said: ‘Who has heard wrong?’. The nice thing is that when I went out to check, I found Morgan, who came down from the stairs, was very excited and kept telling me: ‘I don't have the breath!’. You realize that the Festival is successful of everything from controversy to “step back”, Junior Cally... How do you redo Sanremo, will never be better than that. What can we do more? We have brought together the Rich and the Poor! Them we can destroy, we give them on the stage with the distancing of the social.

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