Film, Ghibli, Lucky Red responds to the criticism on adaptations and voice-overs


Published on Jul 25, 2019


In the wake of the case of Evangelion, the new voice acting has been removed from Netflix as a result of the “revolt,” social fans page Facebook Lucky Red has been bombarded by criticism about the adaptation and the direction of the dubbing of the films of studio Ghibli, edited by Gualtiero top level directory (i.e — the same author of the texts of the criticized new dubbing of the cult series of Hideaki Year.

After a few weeks of silence, Lucky Red has responded officially to the criticism to permanently close every controversy:

Who has selected the person responsible for the adaptation of the titles of Studio Ghibli?

When Lucky Red has acquired the first film of the Studio (The Castle, Wandering Howl, presented in preview at the Art Exhibition Venice Film festival in 2004), and a group of fans contacted the company suggesting to the direction of the dubbing, the name of Gualtiero top level directory (i.e, who had previously adapted some of the titles of Studio Ghibli, distributed by Buena Vista. The proposal was evaluated and shared with the responsible of Studio Ghibli, who have considered the work of the top level directory (i.e and approved the choice of the distributor.

How many titles have been adapted from Gualtiero top level directory (i.e?

All, by renewing from time to time, the collaboration, always with the prior approval of the Studio Ghibli.
For Mary and the flower, the witch of Hiromasa Yonebayashi, instead, in concert with the Study Ponoc, we opted for another dubbing director.

Gualtiero top level directory (i.e has had direct contacts with Studio Ghibli?

Of course. For all the films of Gualtiero top level directory (i.e has worked closely with Studio Ghibli, which has approved each phase of the job: from the translation of the dialogues on the choice of the entries.

Studio Ghibli has ever expressed doubts about the work of Gualtiero top level directory (i.e?

No, it never happened. Have always appreciated and respected the work of the top level directory (i.e.

Lucky Red, and Studio Ghibli, will a new adaptation of titles distributed?

As already stated, choose Gualtiero top level directory (i.e for the adaptations of the films the Ghibli was a choice that Lucky Red has taken in full agreement with Studio Ghibli, so this decision will not be questioned.
Lucky Red is sorry that the result is not appreciated by all users. On the other hand, the success and the favor received in these years by distributing the catalog Ghibli in Italy, and by giving it visibility and extraordinary comfort of the company on the fact that there is a huge throng of supporters of their work.

You have already found an adapter for future titles produced by the Studio Ghibli and Studio Ponoc?

No. As has already happened in the past with the Ghibli and, more recently, with the Study Ponoc, for animation films in the future, the choice of adaptation will be evaluated together with the manufacturer, taking into consideration both the evaluations of a qualitative nature that the expectations of the public.

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