Filippa Lagerback and the dark period of Daniele Bossari: “I felt guilty for not having understood”


Published on Dec 09, 2019


In the episode That aired 8 December 2019, Filippa Lagerback has left his seat, the chair in the audience at That time, that is, to sit at the table with Fabio Fazio at the side of Daniele Bossari. Together they speak of what has been one of the most complicated of the life of Daniel. A difficult time which has seen them turn even if no one ever would have thought that there were so many things behind smiles. And instead while Filippa tried to understand what was happening in the life of Daniel, her husband had arrived really the limit, so as to arrive also to think about the suicide, as recounted in his last interviews talking about the book that he decided to write.

In the study of Fazio, Lagerback spoke of that moment from his point of view, explaining how much he suffered.

Fazio then asks Filippa what he has experienced in that period and how he dealt with that path. It was definitely not easy and even today, Filippa speaks still remembering the suffering, especially that dictated by a sense of guilt.

It is very difficult to stand next to someone who is hurting when you do not realize, you know, after that person has suffered. I felt guilty for not having understood at the end. During all these years I felt full of joy and happiness, I was telling him how he must do to attain the happiness that we have together. Then I realized that everyone has their own key and its own history. I put a lot of patience and love.

And then the word passes to Daniele Bossari:

When you are hurt it is hard to decipher the truth, but now I'm fine, for about 3 years. Waste the help of others, even people who try to cheer you up, specifically I am talking about Filippa. You put yourself in a condition of total protection and you do not want this person to see this yourself. I closed myself.

Filippa explained that in the last year, after Daniel is so open telling in the tv part of his problem, and now he did it in his book, many people have written to ask for a hand, to try to overcome moments of discomfort. Today is happy to know that other people, reading the book of Daniel, the hidden face of The light, may find comfort.

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