Fifa 19, the boom in sales: first in Italy and the United Kingdom

Published on Oct 15, 2018

It came out less than two weeks, but Fifa 19, as usual, has already climbed to the top of the sales of the games for Xbox and Ps4, considering that this is the first historical year in which the new edition of the game Ea Sports will not come out also for the old consoles, 360 and Ps3. In Italy and the United Kingdom all the rage, thanks especially to some of the innovations that represent an attraction too strong to resist.

One of all, the purchase of all the licenses that have to do with the Uefa therefore the Champions league and the Europa League in addition to the European Super cup. The ability for those users that call the tune, the cup from big ears, the stadiums used ad hoc for maximum club competition: all of this becomes real through the large investment made by the Ea, able to take away from the rivals of the Konami, the historical license.

In addition to numerous innovations at the level of the gameplay and game modes, what the world of the users of Fifa's crying with a loud voice, was the ability to have a greater influence on the performance and the results of the matches played, often suffer from too many bugs and the famous momentum. That exists or not, the majority of users considered there was too much randomness in some of the maneuvers of the game, which should finally be eliminated from this edition, if not completely at least in good part.

What the world of web calls with a loud voice is also the possibility of hope, and, in practice, to find some of the best players in the packages can be purchased not necessarily with real money, but using the credits earned, hard-earned and deserved during the course, in Ultimate Team, the mode focus of the entire experience in Fifa for years. Until the past edition, however, was practically impossible to find star players and valuable players if not by one unpacking, compulsive and obsessive, if not putting it on the counter real cash.

From the analysis of the entire roster, extracted from an infographic on Fifa 19 developed by Bwin, we realize how much the Premier League you look at all from above, with a total of 137 players with a rating equal to or greater than 80: the A-Series it has a population of just 95, held just leaves the League with 118. The same quotation for Messi and Ronaldo, 94 both of them. The A-Series remains the team's more convenient to dial in the quality-price ratio, while the eye to the players pumped or buggati: Kepa 83, Donnarumma 82 or the good Dalbert 76.

New amazing, Champions all, who arrive just when there were rumors about the possibility that Fifa had not more yearly, and that he could become, instead, a ready event on an annual basis, so as to make lawful the purchase of a new product, bug free and with the supplement of improvements actually are valid and justified, with more time available for development.

The community, however, has pushed hard for this not to happen, Ea Sports is not only to exit immediately with a new game but it seems to be successful also to improve it considerably, through primarily the purchase of the license relied on by the years from forums all over the world. Obviously to continue to maintain the loyalty of millions of players will be necessary in the near future to further push the hand on the experience of the game, on the level of gameplay, graphic and, above all, of the modes in the game.

It is, in fact, spread widely the phenomenon of tournaments and online groups, and social usual form in the course of the years due to the lack of fun, in the long run, in Fifa 19, and particularly in Ultimate Team. One aspect, which you need to work strongly.

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